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  1. Okay....thanks dx100uk - I will send off the SAR and post back once I hear from them
  2. Thanks....I have quite a few statements but not all of them. What is a SAR? Yes, I am still at the same address. Should I ignore Lucas Credit as well then? They are emailing every day now.
  3. Hi, I had a Vanquis CC a few years ago - I discovered they were charging me for a Repayment Option Plan that I had not been told about - even when I was near my account limit they would take the ROP payment and interest and then if it made my account go over limit they would charge me over limit fees, admin fees and interest. I wrote and asked them to stop these payments as I had not agreed to the plan and to refund the payments they had taken - I never got a response but they refunded just two months payments then started taking them again the next month. To cut a long story short - over several months I wrote a number of times (all by registered post) and sent several emails - they totally ignored me. I then wrote and told them I considered my account to be in dispute - they ignored that as well. I stopped payments - then my account was passed to Lowell Solicitors who I have completely ignored - they were phoning me 8-10 times a day even at weekends. Lowell then wrote to say they had now passed my account to Lucas Credit Services - they are now contacting me every single day. In the meantime I received a letter from Vanquis to say they were refunding me some interest and it would be taken off what I owed on my account but the letter from Lowell and now from Lucas Credit do not reflect a reduction in what was owing and I don't even know what this money is for. Not sure what to do next - I intend to try and claim back all of the ROP payments and all of fees they have applied to my account - is it best to do this through the FOS or through the court?
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