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  1. Hi dx thank you for your comments Never once did I think I was foolish trying to sort my debts out. At the time i was dealing with the DMC it gave me some breathing space. I was not aware of the cca and the consequences for the creditors if they could not supply the documentation to support their claim. I only found out about these forums and the fantastic info given out when my DMC went out of business.
  2. Hi dx thank you for your advice and comments. I suppose to be truthful, I buried my head in the sand for many years regarding my debts and for the last few years have managed to sort many of them out. As I now only have 2 left to deal with and this one being the most prominent I am a little bit worried they may come up with the paper work to enforce the whole debt, which could knock me back quite considerably. That is the only reason I am looking at doing a full and final settlement
  3. Ok that cleared that point up. As Barclaycard did not default the debt correctly at the time of default I presume this would have given Barclaycard problems in getting a ccj. As Barclaycard have now corrected the default date would this have any impact if Link the now owner decide to take this debt to court. Ie could I put a defence in that the debt was not defaulted correctly at the point the debt actually defaulted. I am just trying to weigh up my options if Link decide to take me to court I know your pretty confident that Link don’t do court but you never know with these bottom
  4. Hi dx just out of curiosity, if as was the case with Barclaycard they did not default the debt correctly were they in law correct to sell the debt on.
  5. Trouble is it’s not guaranteed they cannot come up with the agreement. My thoughts are if I offer a full and final I would have peace of mind. It has caused considerable stress to me and my family over the last few years and I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.
  6. Hi dx Link have now removed the default from my credit record. Happy days Barclaycard and Link have informed me that at Present they cannot produce the Historic terms and conditions for the debt Goldfish/Barclaycard 1996, but will continue to try and locate them. What in your opinion would be a good full and final settlement figure on this debt be. Debt at present is just over £7000. Bomber99
  7. Thanks dx perhaps I will start to sleep better now
  8. Was just asking where I stood around post 40 to tbh yes all sorted in as much Link cannot enforce debt at this present time
  9. Not wishing to sound ungrateful for your help but what reasoning makes you think I have been paying since I done the cca request ??
  10. Hi london1971 i am pleased you had a great outcome just hope mine will be the same. It certainly helps to know they are not likely to go to court bomber99
  11. Hi dx yes it was a goldfish card taken out in 1996 not sure who it was with to begin might have been Lloyd’s tsb they sold it on to some American firm who sold it on to Barclaycard who sold it on to Link. Have done DSAR with Barclaycard and Link and neither could supply the agreements or terms and conditions but both have said they will continue to try and gather the relevant information thanks for your advice it’s much welcomed Bomber99
  12. There is quite a sum of money owing on this debt so I would have thought Link will try any trick in the book to get the money owed. Just trying to find answers to the questions surrounding the default notice so I am prepared for them
  13. Hi dx100uk just a update Barclaycard have agreed to update my credit file in as much that the debt defaulted in 2009. They have informed Link of their decision and informed Link that the default they have placed on my credit file needs to be removed. Link informed me this would be done within 48hrs. I will now be chasing Barclaycard for compensation. The question I now have is; as mercer’s default notice was faulty at the time of serving how would I stand legally if Link ever started proceedings and because Barclaycard have rectified the default
  14. Thanks dx Will have a look but my computer skills are somewhere between 1 and -99 lol I am writing a letter today to BC asking them to review the default date and put a default marker against the debt between 2009 and 2015. Hopefully this will allow me to tell Link to remove the erroneous default they have place against my credit record. If that doesn’t work then I will take my complaint elsewhere
  15. You are probably correct about BC and codes but unfortunately I am not computer savvy lol so wouldn’t know how to download docs and redact personal info
  16. Ok keep pulling as informed Link are marking file (monthly)as default SAR; mostly stating (REF’D for Colls adeptra) around the time of default. There was some letter tennis with my DMC but only about affordable monthly payments
  17. Link brought the debt in 2015 and put a default against it in 2017
  18. Hi dx the arrangement started in May 2009 just after Barclaycard defaulted the account, so cant say what was showing each month Not sure what AP marker is
  19. Hi dx Thanks for your reply. Any help with what to put in a letter to BC would be greatly received
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