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  1. March 2013 is the default date on my credit file.
  2. Im not sure , around five years ago so not yet six years
  3. Hi In March 2016 I received a County Court claim form from Shoesmiths for a HSBC Account for £8000 for a credit card I had defaulted on in 2013 acting on behalf of ARROW GLOBAL. I defended the claim and sent a CCA request to Arrow global they were unable to provide any documentation not even a reconstituted agreement and as a result I received a letter from them stating the ccj claim was dropped and all collection activities would cease. In April 2019 will be six years old and drops off my credit rating and I’m trying desperately hard to get my life back six years later and get a mortgage. Last week out of the blue I got a warning from Equifax my rating had changed I checked and I found Another debt collection firm had got a CCJ for another debt from 2013. They had brought this account and been sitting on it for the last couple of years doing nothing then the claim forms were sent to my old address and I never received them. Even though they could have easily found my new address. I’m aware I could still have defended this but I had enough to pay it so I settled within the 30 days. I understand this is a tactic they use to get CCJs and I think it’s disgusting the courts allow it. I’m sure the Bailiffs would have had no problem finding me. The Arrow debt for HSBC I could never afford to pay. If they do the same trick send CCJ forms to my old address I will never know until it’s to late. What are they likely to do, they have already had one go through the court and failed. I could contact them and give them my new address details without acknowledging the debt but is this then just going to put the idea in their mind. Is this debt really just sitting there and all collection activities have really ceased , find it a bit odd they haven’t sold it on or maybe they can’t but HSBC knew they had no agreements before they sold it to them. Please don’t think I’m just trying to get out of this debt but i have been in debt management and paying all my old debts the last six years and almost paid back everything. I just want to get on with my life but this is in the back ground now. What if anything are they up to
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