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  1. Thanks guys. That was a good explanation of why I shouldn't reply. If they continue emailing me I'll send them a final email.
  2. I understand they can't do anything, but I gave the agents my email a couple of years ago when I moved in and then when I renewed my contract last year. I also rely on it for information about maintenance and repairs and general contacting the landlord. Am I still correct in saying that the admin charges are invalid due to the improperly served rent notice? Thanks
  3. why would i ignore them? i'd rather have them just lay off me so my housemates can stop asking me about the issue
  4. Hey guys, update: I paid the rent 14 days late and received an email rent demand. The demand does not have the address of the landlord, or the agent. As I have now paid the rent, and they didn't serve the section 47 rent demand correctly, am I not liable to pay the associated £35 admin charge for late rent? I am in an assured shorthold tenancy. Thanks for all your responses so far. I didn't pay the admin charge and am currently having a long email discussion/argument with agents. They also just emailed me saying: 'The fee is deemed transparent and fair; it is outlined within your Assured Shorthold Tenancy, Clause 4.6, which has been signed by all tenants and the sum is deemed fair and industry standard. The charge is to cover a person’s administration function associated with arrears chasing. The email below issued to you by jimbob, is dated 11.01.19 and is notifying you that you are late with your rental payment, which was due on 01.01.19. Whether or not an amount of the email is standard text, jimbob has an administration process to follow to determine the correct status of your account. The fee is for the function to check systems, banks, review your individual account on our database and then include specific details on the “template” email then follow this up with an email and / or conversation to the Landlord advising of the non-receipt of rent.'
  5. Thanks, I'll contact the landlord. I definitely think it is unfair I just don't have the money/time to take it to a tribunal or whatever. The agent just replied and ignored everything I said and backtracked saying 'As long as you pay on the 14th you will only be charged the one £35 fee' ignoring me asking them to explain why it costs so much to send an automatically generated letter and why they are claiming they can take it from my deposit. Is it worth emailing them back or should I just leave it for now until they charge me? I have seen one of their demanding payments letters and it is just a typed letter with £35 added on to the initial rent saying if you don't pay court proceedings will proceed. No summary of rights. It's also not an automatic charge.
  6. Hi all, I noticed that I will not have enough money in my bank account to cover my rent for the 1st January, but I will receive my student loan on the 14th where I can pay it in full. I have never missed a rent payment in nearly 2 years of tenancy. I emailed the agent if they could show leniency and waive the £35 reminder letter fee which is laid out in the contract as - 4.3 The Tenant shall pay interest at the rate of [4] % per annum above The Bank ofEngland's base rate on any rent lawfully due that is paid more than 14 days after thedate on which it became due. The interest will be payable from the date the rentshould have been paid until the date the rent is actually paid. and 4.6: Late payment of rent. Reminder letters will be charged at £29.16 plus vat £35.00 perletter sent subject to a maximum of four letters per month The agent replied and said no, the system will send out 2 reminder letters by the 14th which will equal a £70 fee, and if I don't pay they will take it out of my deposit. I believe that the reminder letters are electronic and this would be an unreasonable sum. I also asked them that why are these necessary when I have let them know in advance I can't afford the payment and I am waiting for a reply. The contract does not lay out above the 'schedule' for sending these letters and it was only the agent via email who told me they are sent once every 7 days as the clause is unclear in that respect. The only reason I brought up unreasonableness to the agent via email was because they straight away mentioned the contract which led me to inspect it. In terms of the deposit the contract/tenancy agreement says - 5.3: At the end of the Tenancy, the Landlord/ agent shall be entitled to withhold fromthe Deposit such proportion of the Deposit as may be reasonably necessary to:(a) make good any damage to the Property or the Contents (except for fair wearand tear) caused by the Tenant's failure to take reasonable care of theProperty or Contents;(b) replace any of the Contents which may be missing from the Property;© pay for the Property and the Contents to be cleaned if the Tenant is inbreach of its obligations under clause 3.1 or clause 9.1. I do not believe this has any provision for withholding my deposit on the basis of late rent payment/admin fees. Am I correct? Furthermore, I have a question about the deposit. The contract was signed online and doesn't have much info about the deposit other than it will be registered with the government deposit protection service and I didn't have to sign anything related to it from what I remember. I have also been in the house for longer than the other 2 tenants, and paid the £400 deposit when I moved in but not again when the new tenants moved and swapped the old 2 tenants in and a new TA was signed. Is this suspicious at all? But yeah... does anyone have any advice? Should I cough it up or just pay the rent and wait to see if they deduct from my deposit at the end?
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