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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve cancelled the direct debit, I’m sure they’ll be in touch as soon as the bank notify them I’ve cancelled it. I did tell them in the last communication I’d do so if they ignored me so they can’t have any complaints. If they contact me I’ll send them a letter explaining why and send them the record of my previous attempts at finding a diplomatic resolution and tell them I consider them in breach of contract and have therefore terminated my end of the agreement and that I expect them to do the same in light of their false advertisement. Tbf even if
  2. Hi, I took a contract out with DW Fitness 5 months ago purely based on the fact they had certain cardio equipment I intended to use over winter listed on their website. I’ve only used the gym 5 or 6 times since and only for weights as the weather was good so I’ve had no need to do indoor cardio. Ive since been back to use the cardio equipment and it turns out the gym don’t even have the equipment, it’s listed clearly on their website in the cardio information section of the club I joined. Essentially I’ve been paying for months for the privilege of kit they don’t even have! ive c
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