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  1. Sorry dx it was a comment from here no msg anyway everyone is free to say their opinion so no prob , I can’t thank You enough for everything, hope you have a lovely evening. So one last question Is that true that they keep records forever ? Thank you and all the best .
  2. hi honeybee my sis was very bad she is still crying and saying about how right is he and she don't deserve anything good in life .believe me if you know her as a person you well be surprised that she did what she did .anyway this is a public forum sp I guess everyone is free to say their opinion but really thank you so much for all your support especially dx and silverfox .
  3. Hi I don’t know how are you and really I don’t wanna know , I’m just replying here cus I got your pm saying Your sister is a theft and she deserves this and more . I know that she made a mistake and believe me she regret it ever since,and reading your comments made her worse . Just to let you know she have 2 weeks on anti depressants and she will never do it again, is easy to judge someone and very difficult to try to understand and support . she is not a criminal just someone that made a bad choice . I don’t like stealing and i do know that her name is blacklisted in the store files now and shoplifter as well but that’s the consequence of her one choices So please if you can’t help at least don’t make people feel worse .. all the best from her as well .....
  4. Since I can’t change it anymore the thread I just wanna say that my sis went online and the items were less than 100£ , maybe it does not make any difference the value but I just wanna be truthful with all of you that helped her all this time . All the best ...
  5. Hi , and thank you so much for helping my sister .even that she have 1 month without sleeping properly stressed, and scared every time she listen a police car , the incident have taught her that no Matter what , not to do it again so that’s the good side of the story . I hope that everyone reading this thread understands that she made a bad choice and she regret it every min since then, please don’t take things that are not your property, cus nothing is more important than your integrity and your good name . Thank you again and keep going , in the end of the day I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance...
  6. Hi again, hope you all have a happy new year.. I wanna keep you updated it’s been more than a month now since the incident happened and no letter or anything. She is coming next week to live with me in London , the store where she was caught is in Birmingham , does she need to call the store now to tell them to change the add of the house if any letter will come throw post ? Just because all the threads are low value, and her case is 100+ is more scary to know that the police may be involved or the store may sue her , thanks again
  7. mornig dx and thank you . even if they go throw CCTV they cant find nothing cus whwn I asked my sis that day she was very stressed and colden't say anything but today she is more calm and when I asked her she says that she haven't done it before in that store she was worried just for the jumper and her photo taken that day , I understand if its a life ban her info stays there forever ,but if she got a ban for 6 years does that mean that after 6 years here profile gonna be deleted or is gone still stay on their database .thank you again ,
  8. thank you ,we will do , she was reading yesterday that a store have 2 years time to sue a shoplifter that's why , so maybe they go throw CCTV and look for her ,they keeped her personal jumper just because it was THE NAME OF THE STORE THERE . sorry for taking your time but this time have been so difficult for both of us ,and finding your page was a bless … thank you again
  9. thanks a lot thay dident told her anything for a civil recovery letter or samething she have just a letter that says about the ban and nothing else.im confused because the value of the goods where quite high so I don't know.if she have the ban for 6 years does that mean that after 6years her name gone be deleted of its gonna stay on their recordes . I don't know she is 20 years and a don't wanna see her life turned up a mess after this .she have learned the lesson … - - - Updated - - - and this page have been so much help thank you so much for doing this
  10. any chance the police gone show up on her door and arresting her .she is ashamed and stressed as well.
  11. thanks for your reply she's going through a difficult time she have a one year baby and 1 mounth before she got cheated by her husband .since then she haven't been hereself and crying all day . I already booked here with a GP cus she told me the she have done it before as well in the same shop .that's way she is warried if the store gone investigate further for her
  12. hi there im new here and am speaking on behalf of my big sister . sorry for any mistake on writing on 4 of this month my sister was shopping on m&s store . she was with a buggy cus she have one year old baby . she took some items and hide them on the buggy . one of the staff member stopped her and asked her to show her her changing bag where she uses for babys staff and nappys . she found some of the things that she hide in there . she ws send to a small room with 2 men and one women. she was crying and they asked her for the name and DOB and add . she gave my add and they took a photo of her. she's been crying since then she don't eat or go outside im very upset as well cus we've been raised to be good people and not steal from others . the items have been undamaged but she told me that she already took the tags off . she is worried cus the value of the goods were 200 pound . But the manager decited not to call the police … yeah I know very surprising . she got a ban from any m&s store. im scared now she's here with visa so I don't know what will happen next . will they call police afterwords cus they are lots of money involved . it has been more than a week now and she haven't received any letter or anything. im sad as well cus she is very stressed and crying all day .is any chance that the security have called the police to investigate further her case or any thing will happen to her . please help thanks sorry im new here and a don't know how to start my one threat please help
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