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  1. The debt is showing as paid in full on experian but the missed payments are still there - - - Updated - - - I'm not sure Andy it was around 2012
  2. Hi everyone For the past 7 years I have been paying IDEM in respect of an MBNA credit card debt that they purchased probably for a tiny % of the actual. Since 2009 I have also removed several defaults from my credit file and paid back pretty much everything that I owed following a difficult financial period of my life. I got to the point that I was actually approved for a mortgage 2 years ago. However , a few months ago , I registered a complaint with IDEM as they would not accept a full and final offer to pay off the final and mistakenly I stopped payments for a coupe of months whilst they responded to my complaint . I then paid off the outstanding debt in FULL. My challenge is that they have rightly registered those missed payments with Experian which has taken my credit score down to FAIR . I have asked IDEM if they would consider a gesture of goodwill and remove the missed payment record in respect of the complaint at the time and my exemplary payment record over 7 years. SO far they have refused which I think is unfair but correct I guess. Is there any way I can approach this differently - I have been very polite and reasonable to them Thanks DP
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