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  1. It is the local authority writing to me, i have no doubts about the legitimacy of the ticket (it came as a perforated ticket, much like a payslip). All info. Contained on the ticket (the appeals address etc.) seemed legit to me. Only thing i was unsure about was there no website to pay which in this day and age seems ridiculous but then again i wouldn't put it past the Spanish to not have such a system in place.
  2. Hi there, i wonder if anybody would be able to offer me some advice. In short, i went to Ibiza, Spain, in 2019 for one week and for 3 of those days I hired a moped from the local rent-a-buggy. Fast forward about 8 months, Summer 2020, a parking ticket comes through my letterbox. Initially baffled because I couldnt understand where we had parked that wasnt allowed (everywhere we had been we had checked, my other half speaks Spanish). It was only when i double checked the address of the supposed infraction that i realised it was Formentera.... I was in Ibiza! Again, once we cast our memories back we realised that the date in question (20th September 2019) was actually the morning we handed the moped back to them, our final day on the island. To me it seemed as though the rental company had done either one of two things... They took their own bike out, got a ticket and have chosen the last person to hire it out as the culprit, or The hired it out again but have handed the wrong details over to the local authorities Along with the ticket (which was entirely in Spanish by the way) came a very small description on how to appeal (again, my appeal MUST be written in Spanish) and where to send it to. Knowing full well that i wasn't in Formentera that week, i wrote my letter, used Google translate and got the other half to run her eyes over it and sent it off. Fast forward another 8 months or so, I finally receive a reply, in Spanish (luckily for me im still with the same woman) which says they reject my appeal and the amount is still payable. It would appear that to me that that's it, they've decided they are right and i am wrong and want me to pay the money.... no means to appeal provided this time. Now, the ticket is only 90 euros, not exactly an earth shattering amount but i am truly loathed to pay a ticket that i know for a fact has absolutely nothing to do with me, had it been ibiza i probably would have just accepted that we made an error and paid it but i was on an entirely different island at the time this ticket was issued and refuse to part with my hard earned money over someone else's mistake. I am inclined to just completely ignore it and be done with it because how hard are they really going to work over 90 euros, but, I quite often holiday in Spain so is this likely to cause me problems? The rental company arent a big multinational, they are what seems to be a family run ibiza based buggy, moped and quadbike rental store and all they have had from me is a copy of my licence if memory serves me correctly. Is anybody able to advise on this please? Thanks
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