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  1. It is the local authority writing to me, i have no doubts about the legitimacy of the ticket (it came as a perforated ticket, much like a payslip). All info. Contained on the ticket (the appeals address etc.) seemed legit to me. Only thing i was unsure about was there no website to pay which in this day and age seems ridiculous but then again i wouldn't put it past the Spanish to not have such a system in place.
  2. Hi there, i wonder if anybody would be able to offer me some advice. In short, i went to Ibiza, Spain, in 2019 for one week and for 3 of those days I hired a moped from the local rent-a-buggy. Fast forward about 8 months, Summer 2020, a parking ticket comes through my letterbox. Initially baffled because I couldnt understand where we had parked that wasnt allowed (everywhere we had been we had checked, my other half speaks Spanish). It was only when i double checked the address of the supposed infraction that i realised it was Formentera.... I was in Ibiza!
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