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  1. ok will have to be AM tomorrow as its all at home in the file named disaster.
  2. they terminated the agreement and refused any offer of payment then sent me a default notice and still refused offer of payment then in the statement to the court claimed i had made no contact to which i sent copies of emails as i refuse to speak to them on the phone as what cannot speak cannot lie!!!!
  3. SAR sent earlier today what upsets me more than anything is that the car was 4k i know i had paid around 3100 already but the court claim was for nearly 6k i know the APR is mentally high but to put that many charges on is obscene and the thing is if i do not fight this they will have my pants down. The other thing it was only a deputy district judge that signed the order so no doubt they were rail roaded by moneybarn solicitor into the decision. i'm not a bad person i just get things wrong.......alot!!!!
  4. Is it not to late for that??? and how do i go about it??? and how much does it cost??? im still fearing the £493 business what action will they take on this??? sorry so many questions
  5. I filled out all the court papers and sent them off with a counter claim but due to a work issue was unable to attend court so maybe that went against me. I had paid over 1/3 of the agreement and was only £800 off being half way. I have been unable to pay them since july i did offer a payment plan which they refused and the car is currently my only mode of transport. i have adjusted and re attached the goods order
  6. Hello all To cut a long story short had some financial issues and was taken to court by moneybarn for a return of goods order which they achieved, just received the court order in the post after a week or so but i need to know where i go from here. I have attached a copy of the order if someone could explain to me what my next steps are and im also very concerned about the £493.00 in 14 days as i do not have that kind of money many thanks steve
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