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  1. I’m sorry for appearing to repeat myself, but I rewrote the events but I have included things that I didn’t include before. The fact they quoted and said they could do the windows and sunroom, then after signing us up and taking our deposits, they then realized that they couldn’t do it. This is of course the reasons for the delay, and it’s obvious that they are just kicking the problem down the road and the truth is, they are not able to do it. Here is our situation again, but more information. My partner and I have saved up for 8 years to renew our windows, doors and conservatory. After
  2. I haven’t told them with a formal notice but when they refused to return our deposits, I told them that I will be taking legal action. We have a letter from the small claims court, stating they have been served and have until the 30th December to respond. We are really upset by what’s happened. How can a company who has treated, and admits it has treated, a customer so badly, not want to do the right thing and return the deposits back.
  3. @BankFodder I know. We live and we learn. I wish we had to. @king12345; No. I’ll explain. The windows and doors originally came to £25,814. Yes I know. I was probably ripped off. I live in a modest 4 bedroom house. I paid £3,873 deposit. Which is 15%. After many Months, they decided they couldn’t to a simple bifold doors from the kitchen to the garden. Even there guys were in disbelief. There portal frame supplier had pulled out, and they had none else. We originally signed in May. We amended the contract in June to get rid of the finan
  4. I see your point Ploddertom. If Everest challenge and it goes to a small claims court and all the facts can be revealed? One other thing. Everest were unable to do a portion of the work. It was they who admitted it couldn’t be done. so the total contract was reduced by £6,700. My original deposit was based on 15% of the original price. Since they admitted and agreed that they couldn’t do the job, shouldn’t I by default get 15% of £6,700 returned?
  5. I agree about light on details but there was a maximum amount of words on the Claim form. Comprehensve details can be raised in the court.
  6. yes Of course. Back to the point in hand. Everest. They will probably contest my claim I’m sure, let’s hope the judge sees it fairly.
  7. BankFodder what do you mean by Everest will file an acknowledgment and applying for adjustment? From what my partner and I have read on Wikipedia regarding trustpilot, it seems that companies are “allowed to selectively display reviews about them, which may violate certain laws and regulations.” Which is fair enough. However, if a review is substantiated by the reviewer, for companies who “pay trustpilot they can still have the review Removed”. “Given the company will prefer to keep positive reviews and discard the negative ones, the trustpilot reporting favours removal of negativ
  8. I posted on Trustpilot last night. This morning I have had an email to say it’s been removed for compliance reasons. It actually referenced http://www.everest.co.uk Interestingly, I never used http://www.everest.co.uk. I didn’t breach their compliance regulations. I went on to read reviews of trustpilot itself and how it selects what reviews to delete and what to keep. It’s pretty clear to me now, all is not what it seems.
  9. I had leave booked from October 7th until October 21st. This was already booked before we decided to have Everest do the windows. If Everest had not agreed to do the windows, doors and conservatory in October I definitely wouldn’t have come home. My girlfriend would have come to where I am working abroad and then, we would have gone on holiday somewhere else from there Instead of sitting at home frustrated and disappointed. It was definitely said that I would be coming back to the UK for the sole purpose of attending the installation. This was our two weeks off together. W
  10. Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. I am sure I will get better as I get to used to the site.
  11. In regards to all other losses. Financially, just the deposits and flight tickets at this stage. The amount of time we have wasted is also very sad. We sat at home for two weeks for nothing during our annual leave. Trying to contact Everest and tryouts my to get information from them. The thought of losing nearly £7,000 which we worked hard for to this terrible company and having to cajole them and fight them all the time. It’s been a miserable experience for us both that has actually made us depressed. I’m not exaggerating. I can’t sleep at nights because of
  12. No. Only small claims court. I am new here because of Everest. Is it ok to pin the claim form up on a forum? I will just delete my name and address and claim number? Sorry I’m not very good with computers. I have a picture of the file claim. There was a maximum Allowed number of words so it’s difficult to really paint the full picture. I hope this helps. Not much in the way of extra information. claimform.pdf
  13. Thanks Bank Fodder. It’s great to know that it can be used in court. As I assume WhatsApp messages and emails can also be. That’s great for us to know this. Do you mean The claim form for the small claims court? Today we received a notice of issue from the county county business centre. They said it was sent by first class post on the 11th December and deemed to be served by the 16th December. They have until the 30th to reply.
  14. My partner and I have saved up for 8 years to renew our windows, doors and conservatory and we decided in May 2018 to have the work done. After much deliberation and different companies proposing to us, we settled on Everest because they said they were the “ Everest fit the best” and we believed by paying a bit more and using this well known company, we would get the best as was promised. In May we were assured, with great cetainty that the work would be done before Christmas because in 2019 my partner and I would not be in the country. I currently live and work abroad for a period and my girl
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