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  1. Thanks....didn't really find that very helpful. I was looking for info as to the next stage in procedure rather than just "ring & ask!" For anyone else in my position looking for helpful information - I decided to contact the ICO - the next stage is to send another letter giving them 14 days to comply with the SAR request - if they don't, formal complaint to the ICO. There is a template letter available on the ICO website if anyone needs to do this. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. I sent my SAR request back at the beginning of December - I received a request at the beginning of January for information that I had already provided but sent it again by registered post. It is now six weeks since that was sent but I have heard nothing and Barclaycard have failed to send any information regarding the SAR. Where do I go from here?
  3. Update - when I sent my SAR I gave all the personal details Barclaycard could want - the jokers have written back saying they cannot process my GDPR without a list of personal details, all of which they were given in the original request. Have written a very curt response!
  4. Original debt was NewDay Ltd. Court order stated £80 per month - Restons agreed £10 payments, which they said they were offering after reviewing my circumstances and believed it wasn't possible for me to pay the £80. I had said that in response to the court papers and sent a financial statement but this was ignored. Restons letter after the court hearing said that their agreement would not affect the court judgement and payment would remain in line with my circumstances.
  5. Hi, I have an old credit card debt dating back a few years - I was too ill at the time to deal with it and was taken to court and ended up with a CCJ. I wasn't able to make the payments the court told me to pay but Restons agreed an arrangement of a minimal payment each month to run alongside the Judgement. I have paid each month and never missed a payment. Today I received a letter from them with an 11-page questionnaire about my finances and other personal details - if I do not reply within 7 days they say the arrangement will be cancelled and they will advise the client to begin recovery options including legal enforcement without further notice. They have also stated that I could make a settlement payment and discharge my liability - no hope of that - I am penniless! I haven't defaulted on the agreement and my financial situation is unchanged - what should I do? I never agreed to the amount I was told I owed as much of that was fees and interest that had been added to the account for late payment, admin costs etc. The company knew I was ill and had to give up working but continued to add fees anyway until it was sent to a DCA.
  6. Quick update - just to say I have sent SAR to Barclays and another card I had a form of PPI with. I will update again once I receive a response. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks Andyorch.....I did look at that page but dx said not to fill in the questionnaire at this stage. I have read all the SAR info but not sure whether I have to pay? Should I send a £10 cheque with the Barclays SAR?
  8. Thanks dx and BankFodder - I believe Monument took over Providian from what I have been able to find out since I got the letter....and Barclays now owns it. What is a SAR and how do I do that? Thanks for the update dx....I will do that. Thanks.....have the SAR template now. Will let you know.
  9. Hi everyone, Total newbie - haven't used forums before but hoping to get some advice. Around 20 years ago I had a Providian credit card - I had to give up work due to illness and fell into arrears. I owed around £500 but with no income, couldn't pay so the debt was handed over to a company called Capquest. I saw a financial adviser at the time and he contacted Providian on my behalf - primarily to get the interest being added to the account stopped, which initially they refused to do but then it was stopped and the debt was passed to Capquest. The adviser arranged a payment plan with Capquest of £5 per month, which was all I could afford. I did have "Payment Break Plan" - never really understood what this was but was told I should take it out when I got the card - I felt that if I refused I wouldn't get the card so agreed I never heard anything more about it until Saturday when a letter arrived from Barclays - it says they have identified potential issues with PBP that I was sold and they want to invite me to complain if I think I was affected. There is a long questionnaire of 11 pages to be filled in and sent back - much of what they are asking I really cannot remember - why I took the card out in the first place, date I took out the PBP, details of where I worked including company name etc. Whether I was paid for being off sick, if I had any health problems when I enrolled in PBP, detailed explanation of why I think I might have been mis-sold PBP. I don't have any details of the account now - it's 20 years ago! I do not have any statements - all I have is the correspondence with Capquest - last contact with them in 2007. Do you have any advice on what I should do please?
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