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  1. Hi All. I recently started selling beauty products on eBay in my spare time for extra money. I chose Hermes as the carrier as they seemed the best value. Iam now regretting that decision massively. I have sent approx 200 parcels so far, all over packaged, and most of them i have taken photos of, and photos of them on the scales. After about 70 parcels i received an email from Hermes requesting an extra payment as a parcel I had sent was over weight. The parcel weighed 200g, but they tried to charge me for 3.25kg. After emailing i got the charge removed. (Not a good start) Now I have started receiving messages of item not received, and also parcels with tracking information that is stuck at a particular stage. I understand some times the buyer will be lying to claim a refund. One particular person said he had not received the item, but my tracking showed delivered through the letterbox, with a photo of the letterbox. He strongly denies receiving the parcel so I asked for photos of his front door with a piece of paper stuck to the door with his name on, date, clearly showing the house number, and house name on. He sent me the photos. Clearly the letterbox photo Hermes provided is a different door to the customers. I am doing the live chat daily, and constantly being fobbed off. The next issue a customer claims he hasn't received the parcel. Hermes tracking showed delivered, to a safe location. The customer says he has not received the item. Hermes admitted there is no GPS location, and no details where it was left so sent me the missing parcel claim form, which they say can take 14 days to come to a decision. The problem is most of the items I send are classed as a liquids, even though they aren't runny like liquids. So its unlikely they will compensate me looking at their terms. I acknowledge that delicate items and certain items which they don't compensate for are easier to break and more likely to be broken, but not missing all together. A lost parcel all together is surely a failing by Hermes, and all lost parcels should be compensated for. All parcels I have declared properly what was inside, and chosen the correct cover value. At the minute I have 2 parcels missing, 1 parcel delayed then today it has updated to say damaged in transit, 2-3 parcels with stuck tracking status's where they say delayed, or out for delivery, and that is the end of it. Some are a week or so without any movement or updates. So I'm guessing they are lost aswell. I am expecting all these people to request refunds. Which vary from £9-£30. Not huge sums but when you have to refund that many people its not on. I have done all I can do, and left the delivery to Hermes, which that aren't doing properly. No delivery photos, some without gps tracking. Parcels left in places they have not been told to. I'm just after some advice on what to do please. What course of action is possible. I have been trying to build up as much information as I can before sending the items. Photos of before wrapping, photos after wrapping. Photos of the labels on the box/packet. Photos of the parcel on the scales. I can see me ending up with dozens of claims for lost parcels, and parcels that just get lost by Hermes, and no way of getting my money back. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
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