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  1. I haven't heard of chargeback, just googled it, thank you!
  2. Using my debit card through the Game website
  3. £180 so a lot for us. I will do that thank you
  4. Thank you, lots of photos have been taken now. I contacted Game and they are going to take it up with Yodel. Fingers crossed!
  5. Morning, yes, I have kept everything. I think the labels have been switched as the cheese set fits perfectly in the current brown box and now I look at it, I think the headset will be bigger. I placed the order on the 30th Nov and collected it yesterday so all within the last week. I think you are right but I will go in today and try. Thank you so much for your response
  6. Hi, hoping someone can help. I ordered a VR headset from Game for home delivery. They use Yodel so a few days later I received the usual notification that someone was on route. I apparently missed the delivery (and the next 2) even though I was home. I didn't receive a card through the letter box on any occasion but just email notification. After the 3rd attempt I went to collect the parcel at the depot. When I arrived home and opened the box, it was a cheese set! Totally random and obviously not from Game. Because I had my poorly baby with me, I didn't really look over the box but now I
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