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  1. I had taken the card from the table on Monday, and since than it was there in my photocard holder. So, I used it from Monday to Friday.
  2. Is there any steps I can take to avoid this? I have made a foolish mistake and I do not want to loose my job.
  3. That’s my mistake, I should have got my own ticket. I was trying to save on costs as my dad did not attend work this week.
  4. Both me and my dad work for Heathrow airport and have Airport passes. So with a photocard and a airport pass we get 75% off on monthly tickets. We usually make the same journey to work.
  5. It was my dads monthly ticket issued on his photo card. It is paper ticket with a magnetic strip, will they know if I was using it? The TFL agent did not give it back. Thanks for helping me HB
  6. Hi I’m looking for help. Yesterday while traveling home from work on Heathrow connect, I was asked to show my ticket from a TfL agent. I showed my photo card together with my dads monthly ticket. My photo card number and dads monthly ticket number from his photo card did not match. They questioned me to which I said that I mistakenly took my dads monthly ticket while leaving the house in a hurry. I was interviewed under caution and said that there is a 50-50 chance of TfL contacting me. I have been really stupid for taking my dads ticket instead of buying my own. Can someone p
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