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  1. Ah, ok. That’s interesting to know. Better recheck all my files! Thanks.
  2. Not sure I said showing it as closed means they won’t sell it on. Nevertheless, my Credit Files have been correctly updated (which was my aim) I would think that Barclays would not be daft enough to now sell it on, especially as they have agreed the DRO was successfully completed and ended October 2017, and they are showing a ZERO balance on my Credit File. Whilst it would be a nuisance, if I ever heard off another debt collector for these debts I would not be bothered or even correspond with them, they have no chance of getting a penny out of me. I think this is the end of this matter, and a win! Just want to add a big thank you for all who have taken time out of their day to reply to me and I have appreciated your advice/comments. Cheers
  3. Just to update. I sent off my complaint to the ICO. Yesterday had a call from Barclays (whether that was because of ICO complaint or just finally responding to my complaint I’m not sure) who have finally updated my Credit Files and “closed” both accounts. Apparently they were “unaware” that a DRO was issued and completed - I’m a little bit cynical over that claim. Nevertheless it seems to be resolved. They gave £50 compensation for the “inconvenience”, so that’s something! Cheers for the advice, was helpful to make sure I was barking up the right tree. Cheers.
  4. Thanks. Yea I realise it's not going to make a difference and I'm not asking them to remove the truth, however the way they are reporting is wrong and there is potential for these debts to be sold on. Whether it makes a difference to creditors showing a closed settled account or not doesn't really matter to me as I'm not interested in going into debt again. It's just frustrating that Barclays feel they can report incorrectly (and get away with it), they seem to be making a meal out of resolving this simple issue. I just think that the data held should be factually correct and they should obey the rules/guidlines, just like all my other creditors have.
  5. Thanks for this. I checked online to make a complaint on the ICO website, one tickbox was regarding a Final Response, which I ticked no and the message was to wait for that. That's why I was/am frustrated. Either way, they have had more than enough time and providing my facts are correct about the way they are reporting on my credit file, it's time I sent off the complaint, not waiting for a Final Response letter. It's beyond.
  6. Hi Just looking for a little bit of additional advice. In October 2016 I had a Debt Relief Order (DRO) which subsequently ended (Discharged?) one year later, October 2017. I recently took a look at my Credit Reports and note all but two of my creditors had stopped reporting on my files at the start of my DRO, marked a Default at time of DRO and marked my accounts as Closed and Partially Satisfied or Satisfied with a zero balance. All correct I believe. However two creditors (Barclays Partner Finance & Vanquis) had continued (up to present day) marking the accounts as Open, full balance owing and still being marked as defaulting each month. I did a little research and found out (hopefully correctly) that these accounts should be marked as closed, zero balance and Satisfied/Partially Satisfied or similar. I wrote to both companies requesting they correct my files. Vanquis, to my surprise, updated my credit files straight away and is now correct. However, Baraclys so far has not. I wrote to them in October this year giving 28 days to resolve the issue. No reply. I then wrote again to Barclays, again giving 28 days, this time via Recorded Delivery (November 2018) and had a reply they are looking into it. I received a letter today saying they are still “investigating” and I will hear in another 28 days whether it has been resolved or if they need more time. My understanding was they were supposed to resolve this within 28 days. They are now moving towards at least triple this. According to the ICO website, I will need a Final Response letter before contacting them. I am seeking an answer to find out how long should I give Barclays to resolve this simple straight forward (if my research is correct!) issue? They could theoretically keep requesting further time indefinitely. I suppose with the debts still being shown as Open Accounts, in Default monthly and still full balance owing, they could even sell these debts on (worse case scenario I know, but possible I guess).
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