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  1. Nothing haha Just worried, dont want anything to come of it ... dont want it to effect my employment (& future employment) particularly! Thanks
  2. Thank you! What do you mean when you say this will add 0.0000% to them? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the guidance. Will be sure to upload the letters and keep you updated. Put my mind at ease a little, lesson learnt! I just worried this would effect every casm of my already troublesome life! Thanks
  4. Thanks very much. So shall I post the letters here should I receive any? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for your response, Appreciate it. I think my concerns are anything else appearing off the back of it i.e police, records etc for something I don't feel I did intentionally as such although I didn't come forward so I guess that is the same thing really! Overall really ashamed and annoyed with myself but would just like some clarity on what people feel may happen so I can prepare for it I suppose. Thanks again
  6. Hi, Ashamed and embarrassed to even be writing this but I made a big mistake / choice a few days ago. I was in Primark and was looking for Xmas gifts. I had one large item and 5 smaller items. As far as what I was thinking I really have no idea. I had several bags in my hands at the time and between queuing and paying 2 of the smaller items ended up in one of the bags I was carrying. I didn't think anything of it as I was leaving the store as I genuinely just paid what they asked for, picked up my items and left. I was then called back by security who checked my bag and found the 2 small items (£1 each). I was then called back into the store and they took my details (on a form) and took a photocopy of my driving licence. No police were called (can they be called retrospectively), no mention of a letter / charge / fine, nothing given to me by them at all. I was however banned from the store for a year and unsure whether this means my local store or all? I have read through pretty much all threads and seen all the guidance to ignore any letters, I just wonder whether I will get any really. I would really appreciate some guidance and advice specific to the above if you don't mind. Needless to say I will be a lot more careful and forthcoming in future. I feel terrible about the entire thing. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks
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