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  1. What happened was the following, I was supposed to receive a payment from a company in the UK to my Payoneer account. This company asked me for my bank details in USD, I gave them this account in USD. But Payoneer (my Bank) does not accept payment in dollars of companies in the UK, only USA. I contacted Payoneer to ask about this payment, and never entered the system. The company that sent me the payment did it through Clydesdale Bank, supposedly. They say that the payment was completed, and you have to wait for the money to return to your account. I suspect that this company
  2. They said I should wait 1 month for the money to return to the account. And that time passed and I have not given clear answer about my money.
  3. The balance simply does not appear. It says transaction completed.
  4. The payment was intended for my Payoneer account in USD currency, but Payoneer does not accept USD accounts in the UK. That is to say, the payment never left the Clyndesdale, I do not know because they have taken so long to return the money. Do you know anything about this?
  5. Hello. I have 27 working days waiting for this bank to reimburse a payment that did not reach its destination. This is normal?
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