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  1. Hi All, sorry for the lack of response. I really appreciate your input. I think I'll just ignore it and see what happens next. I've got a lot going on at the moment so can't waste the time playing their silly little games.
  2. Thanks ericsbrother, I thought keeping these things together in one thread was a good idea but I have done so. Unfortunately I can't supply the link because I haven't posted enough yet. I'm sure you can find the post though.
  3. Hi All 28/11/18 I received a letter from CEL. They claim that at I parked on Portwood Court car park in Stockport between 18:22 and 19:48 on the 26/11/18. I can't confirm or deny at this stage whether their time frame is correct. (If anyone knows this car park you'll know that there's maybe 60 spaces and never any more than a dozen cars on there even at peak times. At that time there would have been maybe 3-4 cars in there. This is because it's not the main retail car park so requires people to walk a few extra yards.) This car park states 1 hour free parking. It says that to "deter abuse" a £100 fine will be applied to anyone that stays beyond the free period. I know that due to Cyber Monday I queued at Argos and was then made to wait in PCWorld for a "business" team member to process an order. I don't think I was over an hour in just 2 shops but it was very busy. 28/11/18 I received a Parking Charge Notice through the post demanding I pay £100 (or £60 within 2 weeks). 03/12/18 I used the parkingcowboys letter to challenge their costs via their online appeals process. Here's a copy of what I put (I've redacted any sensitive bits): 07/12/18 I received a letter through the post from CEL confirming that my appeal was unsuccessful (no surprise). They said that due to Data Protection they could not provide any details of their clients or the contracts they have in place. None of my questions were answered although I thought they had a legal obligation to. They say I now have another 14 days to pay £60. If I challenge with POPLA and lose I'll lose the discount. What should I do next? Also, from a legal perspective, can something be "abuse" if it can be proved that the action was unintentional? Surely abuse is when you consciously choose to do something against the rules. Thanks Nick Appeal Text.pdf
  4. I've decided to use the parkingcowboys letter. Seems a bit better. Doesn't ask for time-stamped photo evidence of the car entering and leaving the car park but instead questions the validity of the charge itself and whether it's a reasonable amount. I can't see how any court would agree that £100 (or £60 for early payment) is reasonable for 24 minutes parking in an empty retail car park when shops are closing.
  5. Also just received a letter wanting £60 for going over by 24 minutes (this is the thanks we get for high street shopping). As usual the car park was practically empty so there's no need for parking restrictions and actually it might help the retailers! Bit of a side question, legally can something be "abuse" if it can be proved that the overstay was unintentional/unavoidable? Isn't it only abuse if the act was intentional? Okay, so should I fill out their online appeal form using the template found on MSE or should I completely ignore? I'm not keen on the MSE template so if there's anything better please send a link (if that's allowed on here). Thanks
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