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  1. I wonder why CEL dropped my case but not yours? Was there something Benny did that messed up his case? :( Benny, was £200 less than if you'd settled CEL's final money demand?
  2. Two different people at planning used this phrase as did the PDF letter they emailed me. I have emailed them again asking them to consider making this investigation a priority. I told them that CEL has dropped the court proceedings possibly because they don't want a judge to look too closely into things.
  3. Hi All, Stockport Planning emailed me saying they would investigate but it's possible that the signs are classed as "Deemed Consent". However, it's not classed as high priority so we'll have to wait and see. Worth chasing? Court office has confirmed that the case has been dismissed so the panic is over. I'd love to cause CEL a load of headache but not sure if I can do anything. Cheers Nick
  4. Hi All, well I've emailed Stockport Enforcement again to provide details of how to contact BCWM. I'll contact them in 10 days time to see if they've investigated the legality of the cameras and signs. If they come back confirming that the signs are illegal I bet that will strengthen my case for claiming back full costs.
  5. Thanks dx100uk. I'll get something written this weekend so they have it in their Inbox on Monday.
  6. I called the business centre that M&F were located at and they advised me to call BCWM, which I did. A lady spoke to me and said she didn't have any information to hand so I'd have to email them my request. She asked me to provide as much info as possible including my full info so being vague might not be an option. What do you think of me putting the following: Dear XXX It was lovely talking to you earlier. As discussed, my query is in relation to the following piece of land owned by M & F Finance (Ireland) Ltd, which I believe you manag
  7. I've just rung the CRO in Ireland. The chap said he's never seen so many receivers appointed for one business but each one has been closed so the company is called as trading normally. I guess my only option is to send them a letter since there's no phone number. Not sure they will answer though. What happens to my case if I can't prove whether or not CEL has a contract?
  8. I rung Stockport enforcement and spoke to a very helpful young lady. Apparently sometimes replacement signage is deemed as having consent even if it's been up less than 10 years if the same poles are used. She hopes to have an initial investigation carried out within the next 10 days so fingers crossed. Now in terms of M & F Finance (Ireland) Ltd, it appears that they have just appointed receivers. I can't find any contact number for them so not sure what to do. (I've attached the title to this post so others can download it without paying.) RegisterMAN24187.pdf
  9. Email sent to Stockport. Hopefully they'll carry out an investigation and come back to me before my WS has to be in. I'm wondering whether to ring or email M&F. What do you think?
  10. I've called Stockport planning and was told that they can only see the same applications that I can see online. There are no applications for car park signage. The lady advised me to email enforcement.dc@stockport.gov.uk so they can send someone out to investigate whether illegal signage has been erected. I'll do that this afternoon. Is there anything else I should do to build up my case? Thx
  11. Hi dx100uk, well I've paid £3 for the land registry info and it appears that M&F Finance (Ireland) Ltd is the registered owner. I might try getting in touch with them this afternoon.
  12. Okay, let me start again. In terms of planning, is it not enough to say they don't have it since it's not shown on the council site? If not, if I ring Stockport planning would they put in writing that there's no planning? I could contact the land registry to find out who the land owner is. If I contact them directly maybe they'll tell me if they have a contract in place. If they ignore my request too then should I be doing other things to find this out?
  13. Well I really don't know where to begin with this. I've spent hours trying to figure out what to put but it seems that every witness statement is different depending on the exact circumstances. I know that I shouldn't put all my cards on the table but I don't know which ones to hold back and which ones to get rid of altogether. This is what I have so far... I, XXX of XXX am the Defendant in this case. I make this statement in support of my defence again the Claimant, Civil Enforcement Ltd. 1. CEL make it impossible for defendants to discuss PCNs with t
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