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  1. Well according to Noddle..I didn’t pay anything from October 2016 and my payment plan was starting from August 2017. They didn’t default me at all and I didn’t receive any letters from this or anything. It was me who contacted them to make a dmp with them but clearly I should have let them default Me. My current Noddle has a status of late payment but then when I actually look...it’s full of AP AA BB DM markers all over the place.. Am I correct to think that the best thing to do now is to make hitachi default me ?
  2. Can i ask them to default me directly or do they have to follow the appropriate channels and default me after several missed payments?
  3. Aqua was taken out in early 2015 some time. Yes Cabot sent me paperwork saying they had bought my debt from Aqua. My account in the CRA was subsequently closed and Cabot appeared. I should, CCA request them to be 100% however. I agree about Hitachi but I wanted to try to avoid another default as one is bad enough! And Cherry bakewell isn’t my real name, it’s my favourite cake lol
  4. Hey I'm on a self made Dmp with 2 companies , Cabot financial ((sold to them by aqua)) and Hitachi capital finance. I received a default from aqua but no default from Hitachi. Total debt around 8.5k My Dmp with Hitachi capital finance shows on my credit file as late payment and has done even though my Dmp has been running for 16 months without payment issues. Could Hitachi give me a default even though I'm on Dmp? Also I looked at an IVA but I can't find d clear requirements for it. I'm not a homeowner . is it worth trying?
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