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  1. Well, I've written to all parties including the court so will see what happens. Thanks for your help again.
  2. Hi, the court is closed due to Covid. I'm going to email them now with the details. Thank you for your help dx. .
  3. When googling I find: County Court (Amendment No. 3) Rules (Northern Ireland) 1995: "Lodging of certificate of readiness 3.-(1) In any proceedings commenced by civil bill in which a notice of intention to defend has been served the plaintiff shall after the conclusion of all interlocutory matters request the chief Clerk to enter the proceedings for hearing by delivery to the chief clerk at his office of a certificate of readiness in Form 43 and shall, at the same time, cause to be served on the other party or parties to the proceedings a copy of the certificate of readiness.
  4. To be honest, I'd rather be dealing with the court than with Erudio and Co.
  5. Hi, it appears to be coming from them directly, and written in the same style as stipulated in "Practice Direction No 02/2017 Interlocutory Applications. " which I have attached. They conveniently left out the following paragraph from their letter, that is included in the Practice Directions: “If you wish to object to :- - This application being dealt with without a hearing and/or - The relief sought You should set out the basis for such applications to me in writing within the said fourteen days and I will include these in th
  6. Well, 6 months have passd and they've send another couple of letters. This time with a Certificate seeking an interlocutory Order. It appears to be them asking the judge to strike out my intention to defend or compel me to provide replies to the Notice for Discovery, Notice to Produce and Particulars of defence . - either that or they are saying they didnt receive anything at all. Do i have to send them what they are asking for, or should I just reiterate that it's SB, and then let them go to court?, Should I copy the court with the response so they can't
  7. Just thought I'd let you know that I sent that through to them the next day. i've not heard anything back since, so hoping that's the end of it. Many thanks for all your help. Skintoed
  8. Thanks, it's hard to find advice online re the system over here. I was unsure if I should send them anything at all, as it seems to go directly to them, and not to the court? Will remind them that I've notified them of statute bar already, and for them to drop their case. Also, do I need to answer their pleas at this stage, or do I wait for a request directly from the court? Many thanks, have been lurking around on the forums here for a while, and had lots of great advice from you and others.
  9. Hi, I've gotten back from holiday to find that Erudio / Shoosmiths have sent me the following requests: - Notice to Produce - Notice Requiring Discovery - Notice for Particulars of Defence They give 14 days. - it ran out yesterday! Ive been fighting them for a while re a Student loan from 1996, sold to Erudio in 1993, but hoped they had gone away last year. The alleged debt is SB and there was no contract anyway as I refused to sign their form. I've never admitted the debt and have never paid them a penny. I've never ever earned en
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