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  1. OK thanks I have printed off the documents can you direct me to your post on set aside please
  2. The default judgement was 7th January 2018. Hopefully my experience highlights to others the importance of entering the defence online promptly
  3. Ok I know i should have paid attention, I acknowledged the claim on line but didn’t enter defence (I mistakenly thought I would receive email or letter from the court for me to do this) because of Christmas and business commitments I didn’t realise until a default judgement arrived dated 7th January. Should I apply for set aside, is my own ignorance of the system sufficient excuse? if I pay tomorrow will it be struck from my credit record? Would appreciate any advice. I am very time limited for time to deal with this but I begrudge paying these characters anything when they are exploiting the legal system to get people to pay putative charges . - I look forward to hearing from you
  4. I have received a CC claim from Civil Enforcement Limited, following a series of demands after parking in an off-road car park in Croydon. I wrote rejecting the initial claim when I received the PCN, I did not get a response so I did not respond further. I have read the thread CEL ANPR PCN Claimform - Croydon Poplar Walk car park. and I intend to reject the claim and responding as per CPR 31.14 Request to use on receipt of a PPC ( Private Land Parking Court Claim) Wanted to clarify a couple of points and confirm if I should change any of the standard responses proposed to alladin78 My case differs slightly in that I paid using the convuluted phone in system, however 20 minutes after I left the parking area (I was only there for less than 15 min most of that reading the sign on how to pay!) I received a text To confirm your parking session and for security purposes URGENTLY reply with your vehicle registration only 1min later another text was received stating As you haven’t confirmed your vehicle registration your parking session has not been booked. Please call the number on the signage As I was driving for 1-hour I naturally did not see these messages and frankly it would be unreasonable to expect a response within 1 minute to confirm booking. A cynical person might suggest that this convoluted payment system is deliberately designed to frustrate payment in order to issue PCN. Claimant is Civil Enforcement Limited The Claim Form was signed by Civil Enforcement Limited (Claiments Legal Representative) Claim reads Claim for monies relating to a parking charge for parking in a private car park managed by the claiment in breach of the terms + conditions (T+Cs). Drivers are allowed to park in accordance with T+Cs of use. ANPR cameras and/or manual patrols are used to monitor vehicles entering + exiting the site. Debt + damages claimed the sum of 182.00 then follows the violation date time of entry and exit Thanks in advance for your advice/assistance
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