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  1. Thanks chaps, most appreciated. I believe most of her debts are from a failed IVA?
  2. Will, thanks for that most appreciated. Can you dumb it down a bit... I was a binman in another life and am a tad thick. If I was to open a joint bank account after the wedding would that then become a 'joint asset' that the baddies could shaft me with?
  3. Can somebody can help with a bit of advice please? I'm completely debt free, and have a private pension, my intended sadly isn't. She is currently paying off a series of debts from her previous marriage, in very small amounts each month, that will take many a year to complete. We wish to marry, but I've no intention of doing so if this makes me liable, for her ex-husband's debts! If we marry can her debtors make a claim her from my finances for her/his debt? Any advice/information anyone could give me on what legal position I'd be in would be most appreciated.
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