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  1. I didn't go to court, I just pleaded guilty by post which is stupid, I know. It's nearly been a week, I have still yet to receive the letter from the court as to what they decided. Take the advice of the forum, plead guilty and attend the hearing to show remorse. Once, I get the letter I'll give an update.
  2. HB, my court date is the 6th of March. I still have some time, I may try my luck again and see if I can talk to someone different on the phone. Would I still be able to go and see the prosecutor before the court proceedings take place even if i've pleaded guilty by post? I haven't pleaded by post but I'm sort of leaning towards it since I've never been to court before. I'm already scared as it is so I don't know how I'd be able to handle the pressure of it all.
  3. They won't do out of court settlements, as soon as i literally spoke to the person they shut me down saying if this is about out of court settlements, it's not going to happen.
  4. I've attached the of court summons letters minus the extra pages with general court information. court letter.pdf
  5. I read through it again, misread a lot of stuff in the morning and I didn't properly provide you both with the full information from the letters like the fact that i'll have to pay back around £120 in bus fare that i owe on top of the fine they want to give me. I'll try to get them uploaded tonight once I get home or by tomorrow morning. I've noticed a lot of people on here recently like myself who have made the mistake of buying the 16+ oyster cards through social media. I attached a screenshot of the sort of profiles that are selling these cards to give you an idea for any future posts. P1.pdf
  6. Hi HB, I used the card to get to uni and back. I don't really go out much using the bus, if I do it's usually in friends/family members cars. So the card just showed my journeys back and forth from university, which is why it goes up to 70 journeys as the court summons letter had attached pages and pages of me taking the same bus and at the times at which I traveled.
  7. I sent them only the begging letter and I was just told that I had used it over 70 times and it wouldn't be in the public's interest not to go ahead with the prosecution. I'm either going to call them up or email them.
  8. The court case is in March, yes they are after £300. I haven't returned the form yet just received it this morning. Vplee just make your own thread, even if it's for your "friend". It's anonymous on here as you can tell from the previous posts I was panicking and not thinking straight and questioned my anonymity on the site as well. You're better off asking for help on your thread. Everyone's situation is different.
  9. There's tons of stuff on twitter about people getting caught with these discount cards just search 16+ oyster. People are making memes and laughing about it. I want to avoid someone finding what i wrote and posting it on social media.
  10. Thanks dx, I've written the first draft of the letter. Would you be able to take a look at it and let me know what i have missed out and need to include. "Dear Sir/Madam, I cannot apologise enough for my actions in this case. Until this point, I have been a law-abiding citizen and very poor judgements have led me to what has happened. I am suffering from depression from both my financial worries and my health as I am currently experiencing severe hair loss from the stress of my situation. My mother is the sole income earner for the family, although she works part-time, she still supports me and my two younger siblings by herself. I assist her with any expenses despite being a student and not working myself. If this matter were to escalate further into court, a criminal conviction would be devastating for me as it would put at risk all the hard work that I have done so far and jeopardise the future I had envisioned of being able to help provide for my family and ease the burden off of my mother. I have never done anything like this before in my entire life to receive a notice of prosecution. I made a severe and grave mistake and I will never ever do anything like this again. A criminal record would be extremely detrimental to my future employment prospects, I already suffer from anxiety and depression about being able to support those dependent on me. The shame that comes along with holding a criminal record as people will detest me let alone the deep hurt I will have caused to my family who will have lost all their trust in me including my younger siblings who look up to me. My hopes and dreams all being thrown aside due to my foolishness of making this mistake, it terrifies me to think about how I would be able to cope in such a situation. I would truly be grateful if I was given a second chance. I have never been on the wrong side of the law so I ask you to allow me to correct my mistake. I ask you to give me a second chance, an opportunity to right my wrongs and use this experience to never ever do anything that is against the law. I was very foolish by jumping on the bandwagon following other people’s examples and have learnt my lesson the hard way. I did not realise the seriousness of my crime and rightly so should be punished for it. I am willing to cooperate with TFL and provide any information I have on the person behind the selling of these cards. If you will allow me to rectify my mistake then I would like to make an immediate payment to cover the full fare of all of my unpaid fares in addition to any other damage or administration costs I have caused. I truly appreciate your consideration in this matter. "
  11. Would I be able to talk about financially supporting my family and family members who are dependent on me and a criminal record would affect me being able to provide for them once I graduate. Also, being stressed by both my financial difficulty and my health led me to make some stupid decisions.
  12. thanks dx, the date is 28th November. I know this sounds like an excuse. However, I was at the GP on the day of when i was caught. I've been suffering from severe hair loss for the past 2 years and it's progressively gotten worse. I've had ongoing appointments with my gp and various blood tests to determine why i'm losing hair. My gp suggested taking tablets for the rest of my life or looking at hair transplants. Transplants are stupidly expensive and i thought about saving up money for one, which led me to the stupid drastic route of fare evasion combined with skipping meals to save money. Before i ran away the inspector, he asked me how old i was and i gave a fake age which stupidly didn't even match the 16 to 18 age bracket of the oyster card. He told me that this has been an issue of people obtaining these 16+ oysters through social media and he asked me if that's where i got it which i replied yes. He asked me to write my name, d.o.b and my address. I only wrote my real name and the rest of the details were fake for some stupid reason, i don't know why i did that. I ran when he said he would get police involved if the details were'nt correct. As soon as i had ran from the inspector, i had a realisation of what i had done. I called tfl in an attempt to "turn myself in". However, the woman on the phone instructed me to go to a station that was closest to me and turn myself in. I went to waterloo station and attempted hand myself in but they referred me to british transport police who then reffered me to my local police. It was just going around in circles, i ended up explaing what happened to an rpi officer at palastre offices, where he took down which bus the incident happened and all my details.
  13. I seriously really appreciate your help dx100uk and i thank you for taking the time to respond to my posts. # However, you have jumped to the conclusion that I've not been bothered to reply. I received the letter on friday, it said i have within 10 days to respond and prepare a letter to respond back with. I'm seriously stressed at the moment and so i'm trying to get any advice i can get as the criminal conviction is stuck in my head and making not me not think straight.
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