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  1. Morning Everyone Finally my hearing went ahead this morning despite it oringally being cancelled for today due to the HR advisor having car issues, almost 2 hours later it started and finished within 20 mins, we briefly went over what happened and they left the room to re view cctv and see if a complaint was ever made, when they came back in they said it was being totally downgraded and only a file note is being issued to confirm we spoke about all the events and how I could have approached the situation a little better Going away now deciding whether I’ll go down the grievance route
  2. Happy Christmas everyone Thought I’d come back with an update for you all My hearing on the 21st was cancelled due to managers having an away day booked but due to things in the press I’ve been told I can’t mention (I’m sure you can work it out) it would have been cancelled anyway! It’s now scheduled for tomorrow at 9am, I’m a bit dubious about it going ahead now though as I haven’t actually received anything in writing to say this, haven’t received copies of the new evidence they have from my colleagues and the policy states that all information must be provided with at least 4
  3. Morning everyone Had a little update now from my rep, my colleagues statement has finally been taken and submitted back to HR by the investigating manager, I’ve been told I’ll get a copy through no later than 24 hours before the hearing My rep has booked me out before the hearing for an hour and a half so we can go over everything and I’ve made notes from all your advice on here that I’ve forwarded to him I’m off work until Thursday now on an overtime shift and then back with my crew on Friday before the hearing so hopefully I’ll be back shortly after midday with some good news!
  4. Thank you for your reply I had a chat with my rep and the original hearing was scheduled for the middle of my shift and they had allowed 15 mins each way travelling time between terminals plus the half hour before with my rep to go over everything making up the 2 hours so I’ll get the same time before hand now but this doesn’t reflect on my roster as it was already issued but has been changed appropriately I’ve yet to go over this with my rep but in mitigation to put forward in the meeting I have the following Lack of colleague 2 statement who was present throughout the inciden
  5. Just a little update, I’ve not had chance to book in seeing cctv yet as I’ve been off until today and not back in until Sunday now but it’s arranged for the hearing date with my rep regardless Apparently the investigation has been reopened and Colleague 2 has been approached numerous times now to do a statement and she asked for a rep on each occasion and one wasn’t available so she now has an appointment on the 15th and the HR team have said they will ensure I receive a copy of whatever she provides with adequate time to review it before the hearing so as soon as I have this and feedback
  6. Morning all They’ve offered to let me see all the cctv at a convenient time so booking that in for the next lot of shifts I’ll be on My rep has seen the cctv already and said the report done on it is a very one track view of it and agrees colleague 2 is more than visible and should have been asked for a witness statement Colleague 2 had a panicky supervisor come and approach her yesterday whilst on a course on behalf of the investigating shift manager saying they need a statement ASAP, the union had to step in and say not while on her training course but looks like I’ll definitely
  7. Morning Guys Apologies for not replying sooner, been working and had family over I’ve requested to view the cctv they have and drafted a SAR letter to see everything in case there is something missed from just what they have input I’m still waiting on a new hearing date from HR/scheduling department I’ll come back with an update with how it goes with the union rep tomorrow and his thoughts on it to share with you
  8. Received an email last night from our HR/scheduling dept saying they’ve rescheduled my hearing for a week later when I’m on 3 days annual leave so had to email back and say this to them and now they’re rescheduling again! They’ve also crewed our colleague 2 as a witness which is a plus point Was hoping this will be our of the way by Christmas but doesn’t look likely now
  9. Having difficulty uploading the pdf at the moment HB Will try to use the computer in next hour or so but have rotated them for now
  10. They quote identical things the passenger alleges I said in both statements My colleagues systems has a lot more detail in what she was doing at the time etc searching a bag and stuff about an iPad but here is the extract that’s the same - - - Updated - - - Will look at that now HB
  11. There is also the account of my colleague who fetched the supervisor but it’s almost identical, in fact word for word it’s the same when describing what I’m alleged to have said Just as you’ve said the account written by the supervisor there was sent at 11.34 but the incident occurred at 0750 and they went to work in another terminal during that time too before sending Thank you for your help in pointing all this out, whilst waiting to meet with my rep it’s all been spinning in my mind
  12. Here is the complaint, verbally and then put into an email by the supervisor I’ve blanked out certain parts so hope that matches standards allowed
  13. As far as I’m aware there hasn’t been a written complaint made, it’s all just what she said to the supervisor at the time and she asked for contact details to write in at a later date. I don’t think this has happened This is part of what shocked me so much to begin with, the shift manager told me on the day that it’s just a case of fact finding for IF the lady complained, both the supervisor and shift manager even mentioned the lady who deals with complaints, then the next thing I hear is it’s with HR and to wait for a disciplinary letter
  14. Thank you again for your reply, it’s only when speaking to my rep that I’ve found out such s policy and forms are in place, in nearly 18 months it’s only the second time I’ve personally come across this sort of thing but interestingly enough the same supervisor both times who hasn’t given the form to me or conducted anything dictated in the policy I’ve got a meeting with my rep on Monday to go over everything and can hopefully come back here with some more information then, potentially will have a new hearing date by then too
  15. Thanks again, I get what you’re saying but just trying to point out that’s from the “assaults on staff” policy which only seems to exist when convenient to the company I’ll look into a SAR now
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