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  1. Hie car is getting picked up tomorrow do you think it’s best to tel MB about damage done to my vehicle or wait to hear from Them then tell them someone damaged I am thinking at that point they may ask why I didn’t tell them earlier Many thanks
  2. Ok is there a letter/template I can use in my defence if they charge me for damage caused
  3. MB said it has to remain taxed and insured till it’s picked up, alternatively they said they can send one of their agents to pick it up instead of BCA as they can pick it up earlier don’t if there is any drawback with that
  4. I am over the 50 by a few hundred and they confirmed that in writing another thing is they said BCA will contact me within 2 days on Monday and I need the car gone ASAP as I don’t want to pay tax for a car I won’t use
  5. Ok thanks will do Just that will update you once they have come for the car. Anymore tips are welcome
  6. Thanks for your reply I will look around Halfords though it could be difficult due to work. Damage is superficial that you need to look closely to see it but I will try what you suggested also I lost my MOT certificate will I get charged for that Yes I used the VT letter from another thread on this website
  7. Many thanks never defaulted on payment. Have paid on time. They sent a letter saying BCA will get in touch I serviced last Thursday hopefully that will be a positive. Even bumper damage counts as wear and tear ?
  8. I have had the car since May 2016 and I have done 30000 miles
  9. Hi I have decided to voluntary terminate my agreement and I am going to send my VT tomorrow . However car has just been serviced and a few things are required, track rod end ball joint left side, the person has recommended replacing 3 tyres my question is it worth doing this ? Will I get charged for it ? Is it better I do it myself ? Also unfortunately it seems someone damaged my car this morning they drove it’s caused scratches to rear bumper it’s minor but scratches are visible will I get charged for this or will fall under wear and tear the vehicle i
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