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  1. Hello all, Well, Lambeth are upholding the PCN. I'm still baffled, they said it's because i'm more than 50cms away from the kerb. I've attached their formal response. At this point, i think i'll just have to pay it, unless anyone has had some positive experiences with the Tribunal appeal? Many thanks in advance
  2. Thank you so much. I will send in my Representation and let you know how i get on. I really appreciate the help!
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. Here's the photos in a PDF form as well as my reply from Lambeth. Parking photos.pdf Lambeth response.pdf
  4. Hello! I received a PCN Code 26 for parking straight onto a single yellow line. This is a quiet section of road in front of the Windmill Pub in Clapham Common. I've lived in the area for 6 years and park here every saturday morning, and always pull nose into the spots, as all the other cars do as well. I received a PCN code 26 "Vehicle parked more than 50 cms from the edge of the carriageway and not within a designated parking place." However as the pictures show, i literally could not have been closer to the yellow line. The parking as been done this way for years and years - and it feels odd that i received the ticket at 8:35am on a saturday morning, when the parking is only restricted Monday - Friday. I saw the parking attendant later on giving more unsuspecting car owners tickets for the same thing - i asked him why i have received one when i've been fine parking there for over six years. He said that it was because my wheel is more than 50cms away from the yellow line. I have searched the highway code but can't find anything that says this must be done. I did refute the ticket initially, however Lambeth council upheld the charge. Do i have any grounds for fighting this? Thank you in advance!
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