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  1. Defence filled & fingers crossed... In a worst scenario, do you think they would chase me up abroad for that amount of money? Or its jus simply not worth for them to start the process? Tia
  2. I just realised one thing dx, I am such a douchbag... I missed to send this one back am I screwed already or not? doc11.pdf
  3. I am trying to log in right now, with my claim number and defence pack password, but it says - wrong claim number or password??
  4. Hi Andy, Yeah, its tomorrow, thanks a lot for having a look in to it, I will have to fill in tomorrow morning basically.
  5. Hi Dx, I am very late with my defence as I am due to be moving to Canada and the end of this year, so trying to sort out visas ant all paperwork required for my family and myself, really didn't had much time for this, please could you have a look if that looks ok or not. Particulars of Claim 1) The Claim comprises the following agreements the defendant entered into: a. Shop Direct financial services with reference xxxxxxxxx and current balance of £762.05 b. Shop Direct financial services with reference xxxxxxxxxx and current balance £800.65 c.
  6. Hi Dx, So lowell solicitors responded to my cpr request, but the only thing they returned to me are exactly same agreements as I received from lowell earlier this year. But they havent provided me other documents I requested on CPR.
  7. Hi, Dx Sorry for late reply, I was out of country for a week. 1. Lowell Portfolio LTD 3.1)The Claim comprises the following Agreements the Defendant entered into: a.Shop direct financial services with reference xxxxxxxx and current balance of 762.05 b. Shop direct financial services with reference xxxxxxx and current balance 800.65 c. Capital one (europe) plc with reference number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and current balance 324.45 The agreements were terminated as payments were not maintained and subsequently assigned to the claimant. And
  8. Hi Dx, I received paperwork from court, which gives me 33 days to submit my defence, right?
  9. Shop direct ones, they were taken one form very other one form littlewoods , so what should I respond to them? As they gave me 14 days to respond to all 3 cca's. Thanks
  10. Hi, if you have problems of the view, I will try to make better quality pics. Thanks! pdf1.pdf pdf2.pdf pdf3.pdf
  11. Good evening lads, So lowell solicitors came back to me with and provided all credit agreements also all transactions had been made etc. But none of credit agreements has my signature in it.They gave me 14 days to replay to it, what should I do next? Cheers!
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