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  1. Thanks for the congratulations, support and all the advice and suggestions. I'll take on board all points made but for time being, I'm happy with the response from the HA and I don't plan on taking it further. I'm unsure of benefit of making the SAR? The response from the HA, at least gives some breathing space and peace of mind over Christmas and New Year. I don't plan on involving the Ombudsman, as all stages of the HA complaints procedure has to be exhausted before they will get involved and, at the monment, it's more trouble than it's worth. Yeah, stu007, you
  2. I've received a response to my official Complaint, HA agree there are no terms within my TA which say cars within the car park must be Taxed, Mot'd or roadworthy etc. HA have provided a written cancellation of the Torts Notice and agree, once I informed them my car was not abandoned, the Tort Notice should of been cancelled immediately but they had to consult their legal dept for advice. They also apologise for the delay taken to resolve the situation.
  3. Thanks Other than saying they wont be moving my car and the matter passed to their legal team, the HA has failed to reply to additional emails and phone calls. I've since asked for an official Tort Cancellation Notice, saying as the Tort Notice is a legal document, then I require more than a flippant email saying we won't be moving your car, either a legal notice with all the details of the Tort notice but clearly saying what it relates to, vehicle, its location, date with Tort Cancellation Notice clearly stated or a more detailed email which clearly identifies my vehicle, it's
  4. I appreciate all the advice, opinions and suggestions which forum members have been good enough to provide. It's not necassary to say which HA it is, I've already revealed more than I would of liked to. I've managed to achieve the result I wanted, without disclosing the HA name on this forum. I've shared all the relevant details and other than apply to the LR, everything suggested by forum members I had already done. keep asking, gives the impression that you believe I'm interpreting the HA polices wrong, which I'm not. All I find strange by the HA complaint proce
  5. Yeah, the email from HA said passed to their legal department for advice. Only fact HA claimed is the clause of my TA saying cars in the car park must be roadworthy, Tax etc and they still haven't provided proof because it's not in my TA and it's not even in the new TA which they want residents to sign. I got the current result/response because of the formal complaint, which they say, now it's a formal complaint they must adhere to their formal complaint procedure. Which incidentally is ridiculously labelled as: Stage One is Zero Stage Two is One Stage Three is Two
  6. Thanks, just hope it's an end to it or at least its give me more time to find myself a garage. After a phone call to the council today, it doesn't look like ill be getting a lock up any times soon.
  7. I Just sent an official complaint saying everything I've already said on this forum, that my car is not abandoned, its declared as SORN and my TA says, as a resident, I can park a car in the residents car park and the clause the HA quotes, saying my car must be roadworthy, tax, mot'd and insured is not stated in my TA. I also said government legislation allows a car owner to declare a vehicle as SORN to the DVLA as long as it's taken off the road I've followed this legislation and ensured the car park is private property and doesn't form part of the adopted highway. I also incl
  8. I can assure you nothing more had happened, I complained in writing by letter got no reply, complained again, still no reply, so I sent another letter, this time to a different address, which turned out to be that of a trustee and other than the follow up phone calls, thats it. Some months after the Police warning, I got a letter from the governing body saying organisation been shut down due to bad practice. I never pursued it.
  9. Yes I agree, but they did and no matter what I said, it was because I'd written to a trustee at her home address It's easy says I should tell them it's nothing to do with them but in the heat of the moment, I thought they were going to arrest me in front of my family, and the neighbours which had gathered outside, I guess because of the Police cars
  10. The Police said I must follow official complaint procedure and not be writing to or phoning a trustee at their home. Although, over the years I felt aggrieved enough to complain and have made a few complaints, official and otherwise, I don't know the full ins and outs of what's acceptable and what isn't, that's one of the reasons why I posted on here. The Police turning up how they did, although years ago now, makes me all the more cautious, I didn't like it and it was embarraasing.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Reason I said what I did about harassment of trustees, it's because, I was issued with a harassment warning for contacting a trustee. I've since discovered I didn't have to sign or acknowledge it. I was unhappy with the services of a NHS appointed organisation which has since been shut down by its governing body for bad practice, and I had unwittingly wrote to a trustee and followed it up with a phone call. During the call, the trustee was annoyed I had written to her home address and phoned her home but suggested I call another number and leave a
  12. 11th hour repreive. Received a flippant email from HA, very little detail but says my car will not be removed as indicated on the Torts Notice and matter been passed to legal team for further advice.
  13. Yes its drivable and its certainly not a lump of scrap metal and I don't see why I should just give up. As for only getting scrap value if HA do take my car, is this your opinion or can you prove this. My TA clearly says I can park my car in the car park with no terms or sub sections that says my car must be roadworthy, taxed, Mot'd and insured. I've given all the details on this forum to the best of my knowledge. Other than who owns the land, whats been asked numerous of times that I've not answered ? I've said what the Tort notice says and reasons why the HA issued
  14. I was convinced I held all the cards as the clause HA say is in my TA isn't, but still no reply. even after formal complaint today. If it was for any other reason, why issue the Tort notice saying abandoned / untaxed car and only quoting a term which HA says is in my TA ? Only reason I haven't contact Land Registry is not because of my awkwardness but due to time constraint, HA didn't reply to my calls and emails for 19 days (not 13) and because Tort notice says abandoned/untaxed, I thought it was just a matter of saying to HA, don't worry, it's not abandoned and its SORN, job done.
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