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  1. Up Date! I've had an offer for all outstanding PPI and I've accepted it. 9k !!!!! Thanks for all your help gang. Not sure I would have carried it all through without your help...x
  2. Update: I've rung HSBC's complaints department. I was told that there was a mistake and that my SAR went through to the wrong department and that as it was their fault they are going to wavering the £10 fee and send me all the info I requested in the first place. Also whilst I was on the phone she asked me why I wanted all this information so I told her about my PPI claims. She said that she could see from the information she had infront of her that I had three more PPI claims????? I wasnt even aware of these. Anyway. She said she could start the claim there and then. So all the other PPI in
  3. I've now recieved a letter from HSBC. All it has in it is a list of bank charges. Which I claimed back years ago. No statements or loan agreements!!! So you were all correct in your assumptions about being wary. I'm guessing I will have to write another letter requesting full disclosure?? Now I'm really not very good at writing offical letters. Could someone help me out here with a template or something?
  4. How specific do I need to be? A SAR does state to reveal ALL information.
  5. I sent a SAR requesting all information they held about me on all 6 accounts. All account numbers were supplied.
  6. I've looked at the ICO page and it says that I can only make a compliant if they do not comply. They've not done anything yet, just sent my cheque back??
  7. Ok I will keep you all updated. Biggest problem being, I wouldn't know if they had held anything back??? I have statements showing PPI payments going out but not all of them. It shows money going in and out but not in any detail or where from and too. If that makes sense. I want all the paperwork so as I can work it all out.
  8. Theres not really a lot I can do about it. I can't make them accept the cheque. I'm just amazed at how fast they replied. I've already had successful claim and that took months.
  9. Sent off the SAR for 6 accounts. got a reply within two days returning my cheque and telling me it is now a free service and all the requested paperwork will be along shortly .....Happy days!!!
  10. The main account I used I have all statements dating back to 1999. These statements don't make a huge amount of sense when trying to work out when and where loans came in and out. I've already I had one PPI claim sucess on this account dating back to 2002. Trouble being after one year I increased it thus changing the original contrct with the loan. I did this serveral times over the years (increased the loan) so I now have to chase each individual increment. Hope this makes sense
  11. I've had six accounts with HSBC since first banking with them nearly 20 years ago now. What I would like to know is do I have to send off 6 SAR's thus costing me £60, or can I just send off one with all the account numbers in it? I've read the SAR and it does say to hand over ALL information on me. Well all info would be all accounts...Yes...No? Thanks
  12. Update: Called Northern rock, NRAM and explained I had sent them a SAR back in July. They said they had replied but would send another letter out that day. One month later I'm still waiting for said letter. I rang them again today. Explained I had now been waiting nearly three months for a reply to an SAR. they appologised and said they would send out the letter again. I've double checked the address they hold for me and it's all correct. Any advice on how long I give them and what to do if I still do not recieve anything?
  13. The telephone number quoted on the thread is for NRAM and I've sent my SAR to Northern rock, head office.
  14. Don't suppose you know of a number to call?
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