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  1. Received the Judge's judgement today. The case has been dismissed. I'm over moon. I'll post the letter tomorrow and get a donation made.
  2. Just to ask again as I think my question was missed. Should I send my ws or wait a few more days? It's suppose to be there by 2/06/20.
  3. If my memory serves I've seen 3 or so. There is one linked in this thread that had almost identical evidence that lost in court.
  4. 70/30 in favour of me after reading the threads on the forum. They haven't provided a valid default, so the debt should be unenforceable. I'll update once I know the outcome.
  5. Has this got the thumbs up? When should I email this in? Immediately or very close to the cut off? The cutoff is June 2nd
  6. Lowell-case is their WS and Exhibit 3&4 attached. 4 came out a little odd, but does have everything required in it. Let me know if I need to make changes or if there is something I can be stronger on. I think my brain melted after the 3rd hour of writing and compiling. lowell-case-redacted-shrink.pdf Exhibit-3-Redacted.pdf Exhibit-4-redacted.pdf
  7. How does this look? I have 6 exhibits that show my attempts to get the information from the Claimant, but I'm sure if it's required. Shall I upload them? IN THE ***** County Court Claim No. ****** BETWEEN: Claimant Lowell Portfolio Ltd AND Defendant Mr ****** WITNESS STATEMENT OF ****** I, *******, being the Defendant in this case will state as follows; I make this Witness Statement in support of my defence in this claim. 1.) I understand that the claimant is an Assignee, a buyer of defunct or bad debts which ar
  8. Are there any resources to help getting a witness statement prepared? I've searched through a lot of topics, but can't quite work out exactly what needs to be added into it. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. You're right. I should have dealt with this earlier. What should I do?
  10. I've only filed the defence. Stupid question, but is this also my witness statement?
  11. I haven't updated in a while as everything is up in the air at the moment. I received a letter from the courts stating the small claims mediation team has arranged for my case to be transferred to a Hearing court as they were not able to arrange mediation at this time and I must wait for the judge's directions. I've also received more court documents that give the time and date of the hearing and the subsequent move of the hearing due to COVID-19 I have scanned, redacted and uploaded these > court-lowell-redacted-shrink I then received lowell's cas
  12. Hey all, Just received a Directions questionnaire (small claims track) that has been filled out by Lowell. Is this something I should scan and add to the thread or is this just ordinary stuff?? Cheers
  13. All submitted as written above (with the reply part removed), so lets see what happens. Thank you, again, for all your assistance.
  14. On the MCOL site. I hadn't submitted the defence, but it was mostly filled in. I just left it on. I'll submit it by 15:00 today unless I hear otherwise.
  15. Can I just leave it as saved and not submit or do I need to delete everything?
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