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  1. Perfect, I will do just that. Thanks for your help
  2. Also do I risk losing the goodwill (if that exists) of any of my creditors by just stopping payments to ensure I get defaulted? In reality I'll be offering each of them around 50-60% of the contractual payments. Was thinking if I didn't pay it would give me a chance to build up a few quid emergency fund
  3. Hiya All debts taken out post 2013 oustanding balances below loans with barclays 13k and 11k loan with natwest 8k cc with mbna 8k cc with virgin 4k cc natwest 6k
  4. Hi all Got myself in a mountain of unsecured debt so much as to a point now i cant afford the repayments. I'm resigned to a debt management plan as all the debts have been accrued over the past few years. Loans and Credit Cards are all currently up to date with no missed payments but that is going to have to give shortly as I'm close to breaking point. Been reading a bit on here and think im going to attempt either a self managed dmp or perhaps a charity one. Question is though how to start it? I do have a reasonable amount of disposable income so wouldnt just be making token payments but from reading other threads I know a dmp trashes my credit file so ideally want creditors to default my account as opposed to marking it as on an arrangement to pay with the credit reference agencies as then this in the long term will tidy up the credit file sooner for future mortgage changes etc. Has anyone got any experience in this. I kind of think I could stop all payments and wait to see what they throw at me in the hope i get a default and once defaulted put the offers to them or do i write to them telling them im struggling and set up the dmp and hope i get defaulted instead of the arrangement to pay. Thanks for reading
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