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  1. Thank you I have joined group will get onto that tomorrow
  2. Thank you so much for your valuable insight into our claim, I fully respect your views, and realise the time scales are indeed lengthened by the intervention of a solicitor, your comments have made all the difference in our decision to go to the law. We are both pensioners and we are already suffering lack of sleep and appetite due to this companies complete lack of empathy. I will make sure that any forums on Motorhome and Caravan sites are fully informed.
  3. Thank you so much for that information regarding the 30 day period, we are putting together some bullet points, I don't feel capable of handling this process myself so we have decided to take the case to a legal firm, it will of course be a long haul procedure, these are very nasty people and I don't expect a quick resolution, I thought it was ridiculous to deny us the right to escalate the problem to their head office, if they are so sure they are in the right you would think they would be happy to confirm it with their Senior Managers. The world is full of sharks
  4. sorry I thought I had, the no confidence came in our letter of rejection but this was also linked to the poor workmanship, we believe the MH is not fit for purpose, to make myself clear to Mr Doherty I have sent the full list of complaints which were outlined on your site here initially. I contacted Consumer Advice who say I should send a letter before claim, I think at the very least Marquis could escalate this to their head office for further investigation.
  5. We rejected the first repair in October as it did not resolve the issue and the workmanship was shoddy, we requested a refund, we asked for a part exchange or refund which they agreed to, but they would not put this in writing, when we pursued them for a refund they then said no, and they had managed to repair the Motorhome. They reject my proposal that they escalate this to their head office for further investigation.
  6. Hello again we have today received a letter from Alan Doherty Group Manager of Marquis, and I here is the body of the letter. I need to know if Marquis are entitled to dismiss our concerns Many thanks
  7. Thank you for your valuable advice I shall be sure to inform you of the outcome
  8. I absolutely am committed to seeing it through, however I will wait a few days to see what their head office have to say. If they refuse a refund am I at that stage able to take it straight to the Law for a decision or do I have to wait for the final outcome from the NCC Which Marquis say are independent assessors ?
  9. Marquis South Yorkshire Customers Beware 7th August 2018. This year we viewed a Chausson Motorhome Best of 10 (2013) at a cost of £32,995. The rear bumper was badly damaged, Marquis said they would fix this if we bought it; they really hounded us for the money. It had an electric bed but Joe the salesman said he couldn’t demonstrate it as he didn’t have the key? we finally picked it up on the 30th August 2018 the salesman was in a rush to get off on holiday so he handed it over to one of the technicians to inform us how the Van worked. He demonstrated the bed but only
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