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  1. Hi. Quick update. Breathing space loan was turned down. Apparently I can’t afford it. I can. I have maintenance from both mum and dad to add plus disability benefits for my grandson and guardians allowance. Been to the council and we won’t be homeless so that’s good. I still have options but want to give myself the best chance of keeping the house?
  2. Hi. Adjourned TIL second week of jan to give chance for the breathing space loan to come through . It gives me a chance to sort some things. I just need to pay contractual payments, no arrears . Thank you for all your help everyone xx
  3. Hi. Should I rewrite my statement? I’ll need to do it now if that’s the case. Or could I get the duty solicitors to quote it for me? So sorry to ask again but I’m in court at 10
  4. Damn!! I’ve added everything but the flipping Morgan case! I rewrote it first thing this morning as it wasn’t on very good paper and I found some more. I’ve screwed up haven’t I? Can I rewrite it and take it in in the morning? I can’t BELIEVE I’ve done that! I’ve written it several times so I could get it right and KNOW I should have added it too. I could kick myself
  5. The hearing is 10am tomorrow. The eviction is 12.30 so cutting it fine but I didn’t get that much notice and the time I’ve had I’ve spent on calls, collecting paperwork and trying to see if there’s anything else I can do
  6. Hi ell-enn I put what you said before but added about my grandson and his mental health and the fact he’s with me because he can’t be at home. I’ve said just how much he has improved and that any change from the stability he has now will be detrimental to his mental health. I’ve shown my i & e and the fact that I can well afford the payments plus £100 extra pm and also the £2000 off the arrears again. I’ve explained that the bank has flat out refused as according to them it’s the 5th time. I’ve explained my circumstances are totally different now. I’ve also explained that on top of the benefits I’m getting now I also have to claim maintenance from both parents (they aren’t together and the father is married) disability benefits for my grandson and also guardians/fostering allowance so my finances should improve even more although I’m not sure how much by? I’ve proved my illnesses and have social services documents for the meetings about my grandson which shows the improvement he has made which is substantial since he came to live with me. I’ve also applied for a breathing space loan which won’t be sorted for tomorrow but would totally clear the arrears. I need an adjournment for that though. The good thing is I won’t actually be on 5he street. I’ve been to the council and because of the situation I’m not able to go to a hostel so they have a house empty atm. It’s temporary and there’s no guarantee I’ll get it but it looks pretty good for both the breathing space loan and also the temporary house. I’ve just got to see what the judge said. Even the mortgages own solicitors are surprised they won’t accept my offer. Also, my friend who has offered me the £2000 can actually pay the arrears but only if I put the house on the market almost straight away. Not my first choice but will certainly help if the worst comes to the worst. I think I’ve put everything I can on the n244? Oh, I also said about all the background from before? I’ve spoken to both the bank and solicitors about 6 times making an offer every time so hopefully that should go in my favour too? I’ve tried so hard to get this sorted
  7. dx100uk thank you. Do you think I might have some success then?
  8. Hi. Quick update. The mortgage has gone through my i & e form with me and the payments plus £100 from the arrears is very affordable. I have offered them £2000 plus the £100 and contractual payments per month 3 times now. I’ve also spoken to the council, I’m going on the waiting list and have also applied for a breathing space loan. It won’t be sorted for tomorrow so need to ask for an adjournment? The mortgages solicitors are surprised that they have refused and aren’t sure why but the mortgagee won’t budge so need to see the judge. I got everything to the court but had forgotten a form so am going back in a few minutes. I was told that the bailiffs can walk away and set another date if there’s a vulnerable person in the house. apart from court I think ive covered every base? Fingers crossed the judge is sympathetic
  9. Yes definitely! I would want a contract anyway. It’s an option worth looking to What about an ivo or debt relief order or something like that?
  10. Unfortunately I have no policy. The original plan was to do up and sell the house. A friend has offered to take out a loan to pay the arrears on the proviso I put the house on the market and can repay within 6 months. This will buy me time. I’m trying to see if there’s a way I can pay her back within that time scale or maybe a year. It at least gives me breathing space. I need to talk to the social worker about it all.
  11. Hi. I’ve been on the phone to the mortgage today. A friend has offered to give me £2000. The problem is it’s on her credit card so the mortgage won’t accept it as it’s credit to pay credit. They wouldn’t accept anyway as it’s the 4th time so they want the full arrears of £10k plus a guaranteed monthly payment plus a direct debit. I can do a budget sheet proving I can pay £250pm which is £30 over the court order. I could maybe even go to £300. I would have to do budget sheet first though to know for sure. Would it be possible for the judge to override the eviction at all? Especially in light of my grandson? He has seriousl mental health issues Surely this has to stand for something? He’s lost his aunty, his nanny (my mum), his family and now his home and if the social worker decides so, me too!
  12. It wasn’t too blunt. Thank you. I’ve just thought of another possibility? I could sell part back to the council? I bought it from them. A friend of mine has said she can take out a loan for £2000 for me. Her credit is good so won’t be an issue for her. I can pay back what I can afford. This means I can possibly raise £2500. That would clear 25% of the arrears. Do you think this could be enough to stop the eviction? Obviously there’s no guarantee but maybe a chance? Thanks ever so much for all your advice x I think I could be on repayment mortgage now but for the life of me I can’t remember for certain. I’ll nred to check...
  13. I have an eviction date of 28th nov. No chance of raising £10k My grandson is living with me . I’ve no family able to help Thanks for your advice Thank you x
  14. Brilliant. I’ll grt that sorted in the morning. Thank you Ell-enn
  15. Hi Andy. I haven’t posted on this before but my use name was chilli50. Ell-enn it shows what I’ll be paid and the breakdown eg universal credit, then benefit allowance as I’ve got a child here plus the disability element. It’s from universal credit. I thought that because it’s actually from universal credit and not written by me it might look better?
  16. Ell-enn thank you! I think there’s a good 13 years left on the mortgage I need to get the form tomorrow so can’t do anything atm. I can do the budget sheet though. Can I print a copy of the statement in the payments section of uc to show what I’ll be getting? And a statement from my partner to say he will be controlling the payments etc?
  17. 10, 000. The mortgage is 97,000 and the house is worth at least 230,000
  18. Hi Andy. Thank you. I’ve actually been a member of cag for years but my old email was hacked so had to re register. I know I need to fill in n244 but not sure what to put? I have to go see the council in the morning. Would it be worth getting statements from my social worker and family support worker? Now benefits are sorted I can pay the court order plus extra off the arrears and this shouldn’t change going ahead. My partner who doesn’t live with me has offered to make the payment. He’s really good with money so it would definitely be paid. I’ve made this months payment with extra. Over the years in between fighting the world I’ve buried my head in the sand so to speak so haven’t done a good job sorting things properly. It’s not just me now though. My grandson NEEDS the stability and security of a safe home. Can I put this in my statement? Thanks ever so much for your help
  19. I’m being evicted in 9 days. Over the last 10 years I’ve had issues with the mortgage and have fought off several evictions. I became seriously ill 10 years ago and finances were awful. I missed payment and got a possession order. I sorted it. I ended up with my 2 baby grandsons and fought for a year for benefits. Another possession order, sorted. 5 years ago my youngest daughter passed away. I lost it and the boys went back to their mum. Took a year to sort benefits and another possession order which again I sorted. Last year my mum died. At the same time they stopped my benefits for 10 months so yet another fight with the bank. My eldest grandson came to live with me a year ago . He is under mental health and is literally on lockdown and can’t be left alone. 2 months ago 8 had to change benefits to universal credit. Paid the payment to the mortgage plus extra. This morning I got an eviction notice. I’ve got 9 days!! What can I do? The bank said the eviction is going ahead due to the difficulties on the account over the years . Is there anything I can do?
  20. Hi. I've been awarded standard rate care and standard rate mobility. My symptoms have got progressively worse since I put in my claim, which took 2 YEARS to be awarded. I've had the award for 6 months now. Can someone tell me what I need to let the dwp know? I also get esa sg and severe enhancement. Thanks
  21. I've just re read this and have a question. I have the green slip and brother in law the other section. He should have informed the dvla of the sale who then should have sent me the new logbook? I never got that so it's possible he didn't inform them? If that's what's happened and he hasn't informed them I won't get anything anyway . I'll have to double check with the dvla if/when it was updated...
  22. Conniff, Sorrŷ, I've been offline. In answer to your questions Yes Yes Yes Thank you I'm going to get a letter off to them today....I'll include the proof that the car should have been taxed and that they weren't collecting the paŷments. The type of bank account I have takes the money needed for bills from the money in your account and puts it to one side in another section of the account -: Salaries account-all bill money stays in here Card account-all the money in this side is mine to do with as I please I didn't feel the need to check me account although with hindsight I should have done. I do need to check the details of when the car was crushed though although that was what I was told by a person at the Leeds pound...
  23. Thank you. I have statements from the bank to show that the initial 2 payments were collected but then they didn't request any more payments? It states DVLA and shows an amount just over £12. I dont actually have a receipt for the car with it being my brother in law but that won't be a problem, he'll confirm in writing when the car was sold and how much for. I did check with him that he had sent the paperwork off, which he had. I'm confused as to why they took the first payments and not any more? I can show that there were funds in the account for the tax. I also have a recent text message stating that the payment was not requested by DVLA. I'm not sure how to word the letter of complaint. I'm not good with things like that. Can anyone help with that please? Obviously I don't want to hang around. I'll send the letter recorded delivery. I also thought I would send the complaint by email just in case. Would that be a good idea? I really appreciate the advice.....
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