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  1. Yes. My manager knew why I was off work. Would this be classed as unfair due to no reason given and no right of appeal p. what is the next step. I am not in a union
  2. Sorry meant to add I am not on zero hour contract
  3. Thanks for replies. I was employed for over 4 years and disciplinary invite was for unauthorised absence,due to close bereavement. I would rather not state where I was employed. The message came last week and I am not sure how to proceed
  4. I received a disciplinary invite letter, the letter was not dated and no venue stated just the time and date. i phoned the manager to change date as I needed advice and was told they would contact me with another date. i was off work at the time due to close family bereavement. i then received a text message telling me my contract has been terminated, and a letter had been sent, which I have not received. i have worked for the company for over 4 years. The question I am asking is what do you think my best course of action should be. Can I send a grievance letter or would the m
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