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  1. Dear all, I have not had a chance to get back to you all on the developments of this case. First, thanks to everyone who meaningfully contributed to my cause. I can tell you that if you believe you are correct and have the right attitude to fight for your rights, you will win in the end. After me presenting my case, with the overwhelming evidence of wrongdoings by the dealer, including but not limited to outlines of their responsibilities under CRA2015, the documented lies (falsifying breakdown cover) and fake reviews, I have, after almost 3 months of back and forth recouped my monies I have spent on repairing the car ( c £900). I recognize there are many honest dealers out there, who would have jumped straight on this issue from the beginning and made things right, however, this particular one in Birmingham was not planning on doing the right thing and has tried his hardest to deny my rightful claims. In the end, they did not want to go to court, which i was fully prepared for and ended up compensating me for my expenses for the repairs. Another thing that has come out of this and I'd like you all to take notice, Autotrader reviews, certainly in my case, wasn't genuine ( in excess of 46).. be wary when reading the reviews on sites such as AT. Thank you again.
  2. No of course not. I will keep this updated you all on any future developments, including name(s) of these traders
  3. Thank you, well said. I agree it is turning into disagreement in here. I got the advice I needed. Have given them until specific date, if not paid then off to court. With respect to everyone, I'm not rookie I just wanted opinion especially of those who had similar experiences. I have read 100s posts,. Read CRA2015inside out, and yes one can go all the way without help but I got lucky and found legal help from solicitor who turned out to be friend of a friend, so I don't have to pay for the advice. I have now got expert report, quotes from three independent garages and plus all the proof for allegations I made above(for character reference of this trader). One more advice- it would be better if comments here were pointed out as just opinions unless you're an expert and have qualifying merits to prove your case. Finally, I will close this case and once again thank you to all of you for your points and comments in this matter.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Timeframe is unreasonable all in all adds up to one month, during which customer was without a car, being greatly inconvenienced. Secondly, I just did not NOT bring the car back, I could not as it was not driveable. It is unreasonable and not even legal to tell the customer they have to pay returning charges, that would have amounted to more than£500 in towing fees.
  5. Several month, you expect customer to be without a car they paid nearly 6k for for several month? No judge in the work would side with that. As for the cost, I have a very good defence and two separate garage quotes to back it up- so if the matter of costs can also be argued in my defence. Also , what about fraudulent misrepresentation-proven two independent cases(reviews, description and false warranty)- don't you think this will count in my favour?
  6. Damn, using phone really messed up my spelling !!! I'm not usually that bad And, yes I will name the trader shortly. Thanks for your opinions, greatly received.
  7. I take your point but disagree, here are reasons why : 1) they had one whole month to refund money(repairs were I my done after one month of car being stationary,not used) 2) they insisted I took the car to the another garage to get the repair quote-i needed the car, or I would not have bought it in the first place 3)once they got a quote, then they asked I took the car to them and I had to pay the costs 3) reasons highlighted above(fraudulent representation, fraudulent reviews) - easy to see they cannot be trusted 4) I have them ample chances during the whole.month to come, inspect and take the car away-none if which they did. To say that I did not make car available for collection isn't correct. I have proof telling them they can come and get the car, inspect as it was their right. So the argument that dealer was not awarded a reasonable opportunity to put things right is invalid. You cannot expect a customer to be without a car whole.month, paying tax and insurance and using taxi while you sit in your backside and ignore their pleas. Would you trust a seller who fraudulently misrepresented things and misslod you a car to the fix it for you?
  8. Sorry about some typos in here. Just to add, they did not even bother to pick up letter before action from the post office(I had it recorded, which they missed and they knew what it was , therefore letter bounced back to me).I also sent the same info via email, and the text reminding them what was coming. Thank for all your suggestions and help. Much appreciated.
  9. Great response, thank you Let answer couple of points: This is a sole trader rather than a big main dealer. Because I have not yet gone to court, I will avoid naming his trade name. I think for now it's best thing to do. I have all the copies, and will use them In court. Once the court is concluded, I will surely update this thread with all more details. Legal reasons: im not expert and do not want to harm my case by letting any more Info than necessary just yet. Regarding the letter before claim: I originally rejected the car and the letter before action was in that respect. It was void as soon as they came back offering initially to pay for the repairs, which then they refused .(only offered like 40%)! They cannot close the company down as simply they aren't company, meaning g I can go after their assets if it comes to that. I have screenshots, emails, description etc all saved, those will be used to support my case. I may sound bitter but I took out the loan to pay for the car, I have kids who need transportation every day and I cannot afford s...t like this. I have. Sent fair to them, they had one whole month to do something (during which I had to use taxi to take kids to clubs etc, work and so on). To conclude, i really appreciate your response. It really makes aot sense what you said. Just if we take from my point there are still couple of things that I cannot yet disclose. (More fraud, mainly -which I am still trying to prove) Thanks so much for your response.much appreciated.
  10. Hi,I'm new here. Without mentioning names, I bought car for 5.5k. described as"drives like new", immaculate condition" etc. Within 28days, red EML light come on, had it locally diagnosed as issue with electronic throttle and exhaust pipe seized shut. I immediately notified the trader, who largely ignored me. I consulted mechanics and was told the serious fault and I better be off rejecting it, under CRA 2015. I had written the dealer (independent garage) quoting my reasons to reject the car, gave them two weeks to issue refund, meanwhile I am without a car. They fobbed me off again, did not collect car,did not diagnose nothing. So after two weeks, I sent letter before action via email and recorded delivery. They called back asking me to take the car to nearest garage and if reasonable they'd pay. I did not agree reasonable part however I had to tow the car to another reputable garage for further diagnosis and quote. It came to 900+. After 5 days of issuing the quote, they came back saying too expensive and I should bear all costing to take car to them and they will fix it(towing would cost around 500). I obviously rejected and went ahead with repairs, now asking them to pay the bill or there is a Small claims on their way. Before you comment, please note following reasons I also rejected,apart from the cost of towing, which they asked me to pay. 1) they sold car with the main warranty provider, I did not get the document but all of their cars had their branding all over (approved dealer, 6m warranty) but I found out they lied. I had various dealings with the warranty company, who sent their staff to REMOVE all their branding trafer fraudulently was using. I have confirmation of this . 2) Autotrader reviews - I naively trusted the reviews, more than 50 ,nearly all 5*. Upon my issues, I went through one by one, and realised they are suspicious. After lengthy dealings with AT, they were found that 46 of those(including dealers responses to those great reviews) were fraudulent. Based upon the fact that they left me with no car for a month, lied to me about everything as stated above I could not be expected to trust them to repair anything to the required standard. (They must have cleared all fault codes prior to selling the car!) There are other matters that I cannot comment on due to legal reasons too. My question is : has anyone been in rotelt similar situation and any tips before small claims? TIA
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