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  1. Thank you....and i have read afew threads without logging and i will continue to read similar threads to widen my knowledge ;-)
  2. thanks you. Sorry for the questions, I need to be clear as I haven't don't anything like this before. The advice is to sit tight, do not engage with them in any form, ignore debt collector letters and if, a big I get summed to court, then respond ? The defence will be around the confusion of the signs, the lack of PP and the driver had brought a ticket ?
  3. Hi Many thanks for the advice so far, really insight full. What approach would you suggest i take now to get the best outcome ?
  4. Thank you. The driver has checked around and there are no other signs. Here is a picture showing the ticket machine and T&C's. Ticket_Machines.pdf
  5. Here are the pic's of the signs in and around of the car park. Not sure if its important or not, but the driver informed me that whilst the signs says there is only one Tariff of £2.50 for 24hrs the machine does give the option of purchasing a ticket for 1hr for £2.00 The driver will be leaving the car park around 5pm today so if you need different pictures please let me know. Sorry for the pictures been 90 degrees out, i thought i rotated them but clearly not. signs1.pdf
  6. Thank you My understanding the car park changed to ANPR around late sept early oct, so very recent change. Before then it had barriers and you took a ticket and paid before leaving the car park. I have asked the driver to take photo all signs in around the car park and the import ticket machine and assoiciated blurb. I should have these tomorrow morning. Its frustrating we to take the time to do this, but there is no way I want to give these guys a small fortune for this.
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply and taking the time out to check the planning site. Sorry for the jpegs, I seem to be unable to upload PDF's from my MacBook. I will see if I can do it from my works windows laptop tomorrow. I should have the picture of the ticket machine on Thursday. I'm assuming I have time to wait before responding ? When it comes to responding to this, will I be responding as the keeper (it was not me who parked the car) ? or respond saying the driver is .... or I'm the keeper and I don't know who the driver is ? thanks again lookinforinfo
  8. I suspected their motive is pure greed and being sensible doesn't come into it. The driver has sent me some photos. I have asked them to take more photos (ticket machine) when they are next back in the car park, which will be Thursday. I have checked the Crawley panning website and i cant find any application for ANPR using keywords, ANPR, Kingsgate, National Car Parks for the Kingsgate NCP carpark. There is one for a NCP car park near Kingsgate but the address is different. Are there any other keywords i should be using
  9. Many thanks for the reply's...really appreciate it. I have asked the driver to take photo's of all the signs around the car park and i will upload when i have them. I like your point around council and i will do some digging on this topic. I also like the point of the suing them obtaining my details. As you can see the driver brought a ticket for £2.50 which is for 24hrs. 8 mins before leaving the car park, so they have a ticket. I'm guessing the question is whether they should have brought a ticket withing on arrival ? I understand the car park only has 2 ch
  10. Hi Sorry to be a pain, but do you have all the information you need to give me some advice on next steps. Thank you
  11. lol - the error message is wrong file type .png and just stops. I have access to a windows if you need it pdf. - thanks
  12. sorry - here's the other side. For some reason i'm unable to upload pdf from my mac
  13. thanks for the quick reply. attached is the redacted NTK. Its a JPEG file as the PDF was 90+MB !
  14. Hello I'm hoping you can help me. I received a NTK from NCP using ANPR for parking longer than paid for. Now the issue is that driver (not me) brought a ticket for 24hr parking costing £2.50 and i have a photo of this. The car park in question is protected by ANPR and the driver brought the ticket at 17:07 before leaving the car park 17:16. in my simple world there is nothing to worry about as we should win the appeal ? As i'm the keeper and not the driver who should appeal ? what would be in your minds would be the best approach ? 1 Date of the infrin
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