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  1. Bank transfer unfortunately. Re bailiffs any advice on high court versus county? I know the former get better results but it will take another 3-4 weeks to get them appointed. My inclination is to move fast before the criminals run away. Maybe I can start with them and upgrade to the high court ones later. is that allowed?
  2. It is not a limited company and I am advised that the owners are jointly liable under the CCJ. Court proceedings are on my side but if there is no risk of any fine or penalty then this seems to be a perfect crime.
  3. I bought a car for £6K but it was faulty and so I rejected it. The dealer promised a refund but has not paid it and I have obtained a CCJ. However they have now ceased trading. I have a name and address for the owner and will pursue via bailiffs. However is there anything more I can do? It seems rather odd if there is no criminal offence.
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