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  1. True. Probably being paranoid but think the DAC can google search this and I’ve provided info that may incriminate me... Can I change my username?
  2. Thanks! Will look into it. How can I remove this thread as it’s showing on google.
  3. i had tried reading up on them, there’s so many. It’s hard to follow as everyone has slightly different situations. I had read one on here about someone who actually got sent to court as the Aussie company had engaged a uk company. Sorry but what does BK mean? Not sure on the abbreviations with being new to this!
  4. Hello, New to the site and hoping to get some guidance and help on a matter I have. I have had an email from creditcorp regarding a debt I have in Australia and if I do not contact them within 48hours they will make arrangements to source a uk company to recover these debts on their behalf. They’ve advised the amount of $6000 and from what credit card company they’re recovering for (st George’s bank). I was paying my credit card whilst in the county but my partner cancelled my defacto visa and I had a very fast exit out of Australia last year. I believe the debt
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