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  1. Tx Andy. 1. Would you mind confirming if the 18 days is from the date on the letter or the day it was served? As this was a few days later 2. Finally as you asked me and I wasn’t sure... Do you think this is the SD2R form? Thank you!
  2. As you highlighted some of the document is missing. Info at begging and there is no section C also. Not sure with my limited knowledge how I can confirm it is a form SD2R. What I have uploaded is exactly what I have I have been sent. Similar layout but seems to be their own type version with a few bits missing. There is not SD2R written on my document. How can I tell? What do you think from the upload? ho In terms of setting aside yes I have my reasons, how strong they are is something I need to understand further. Bottom line is I hav
  3. Thanks DX. Thanks Andy. Upload as requested. Interested to hear your feedback Statutory Demand under section 268(1)(a).pdf
  4. I have now been served a SD. Reading on the forum is my next step to set aside. Can you please help me with this, grounds etc. I don’t reorganise the debt they are claiming. If they go for bankruptcy they will get nothing as I have nothing, don’t see the logic
  5. With respect you advised me not to reply to the PAP as you said it needs to come from the original creditor. yes property is in joint names. uae debt is in sole name. should I reply to PAP now or to the letter? Ps Thank you for the help!
  6. Right here goes. I didn’t reply to the PAP as you advised. I did email them explaining my personal situation - ill health to my partner with no treatment on nhs with ongoing consultation My own personal mental health issues That I have no money or assets due to ongoing issues. I have never admitted to any proposed debt I have now received a letter from CWD saying that IDR has passed case details and I they have seen I have recently obtained a charge on property but not paid the creditor. (The IDRW contact is the same as the CDW). The
  7. Hi Dx I have a question that I want to ask you privately first before I post everything up to help others. can you please DM so I can reply with my question?
  8. Hi DX, I’ve just called national debt line and they have told me that a DCA can send you a pre action letter and they have done nothing wrong??
  9. Sorry I didn’t mean to make mistakes as was just trying to give you more context and information... as I said this is all very new to me and confusing which is why I asked for some advice.... Help me out a little... what have you spotted on the footer that a layman like me hasn’t. Appreciate the help
  10. Sorry DX, I’m new to this so want to make sure I fully understand and don’t want to make any mistake. What do you mean by that comment, what aren’t the abiding by exactly?
  11. Yes DX that is correct. This has been the only UK address and they are aware of that. In terms of the debt, the bank I’ve the years kept increasing the limit as I am fed he account well, every time they did I called and asked for it to not happen as I was not happy to manage the large limit (trust myself) they talked me out of it and put a number of purchase on payment plans and recommended that I keep the large balance. This happened a number of times over the years and they could see the balance building up and are very irresponsible in their lending practise.
  12. Thanks DX It’s a credit card debt, I don’t want to go into full details regarding the amount as I know they read this forum. But the interest has taken the debit to over 500k dirham. They’ve had my address and have sent me letter ands emailed me over the years a few times I have replied explaining my personal issues and situation. Which they we we ok with. Last time I heard from them was in 2018 and now I have received this letter of claim. It isn’t titled letter of claim but says it is letter of claim in paragraphs. They sent statements, signed agreeme
  13. Hello, Have been activity reading UAE threads on CAG for a number of months now and haven’t posted questions as most threads have answered questions or helped me. I have recently received Letter of Claim from IDRWW with the contact a solicitor for CWD, but with an IDRWW email address. Im looking for some advice on how to proceed as I can’t find many threads of this manner. Tx
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