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  1. I donÂ’t know why I didnÂ’t contest it, I made a feeble attempt with the help of another and managed to get a stay of execution, couldn't muster the follow through for some reason. That's why I haven't visited banana, I felt I let them down, we have been struggling financially since our business ceased trading, we weren't making mega bucks during those 14 years of self sufficiency either, we ticked along and paid our way, employed rolls since have paid far less meaning a fire fighting approach to bill payments, utilities, mortgage, etc. My current roll pays better, pound of flesh
  2. Regarding Cabot/ Reston’s What if they don’t accept my offer? Will I have to contact the money claims department for a copy of the original order showing £50pm CCJ order, as proof, possibly shredded my end, (painful, lol), which I couldn’t pay at that time?
  3. Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control You are welcome to a photo of the Doc. Reference my visit Friday afternoon 19 November 18, courts were closed at 3pm. I was advised of a drop box for depositing any court forms. I returned to the court office today, where I paid a £50 fee, cost of N245 appeal process. The warrant is temporarily suspended while Cabot are contacted to agree or not to my proposal of £60.00 pm.
  4. Thanks Newport County court bailiffs, don’t think their a small business gang, not sure. CCJ info to follow.
  5. Would you please advise us how to have a go back at the vultures? What to send off like an SAR form, not sure enough to follow up on but would be grateful for action plan ideas.
  6. Thanks by the way sorry for your loss. Time has elapsed since I failed to defend the CCJ and charging order, (debt in my name). Our Home jointly owned. Ignored paying the £50 CCJ due to lack of funds. Notice came through of impending Baliff action, rang baliff, who advised contacting Cabot and to make sure we could afford the amount arranged regularly. We made ourselves do an Ins and Outs on an A4. Following that we rang Cabot who weren’t home but Mr O Brian now from Reston’s was, who had our file to hand. I think he manipulated our figures which in hindsight was ambig
  7. No clue how to send a pm link, is there an idiots guide on here anywhere? When they first snaked that CCJ into me, I never had 50 pence never mind £50 squid That’s why ! Can the Baliff levy my hire car? Is there anyone other than Reston’s, eg the County Court who I can contact to arrange payment plan? Thanks so much most sincerely Donuts to follow. Like I said in my dribble I recorded the conversation if anyone wants to hear it, may save a life!
  8. back after letting the red mist descend on Reston’s CaBOTs. Finally after years in financial purgatory, and a looming threat of a Baliff looking for levers, I raise my head to make small financial amends, only to get shafted by Mr.Cool Hand, I’ll ask all the questions and control the conversation, what I say you can afford to pay me, otherwise I’ll set the dogs on you. I take this abuse of privacy, with a spirit of willingness to accept my situation, move on from the finacial debarcle my family suffered at the hands of HSBC, Nat West and later the incompetence of Lloyds B
  9. I’ll split or donate to this site if I get Help getting away from Foundation Home Loans Need help to sort unsecured debts and an attachment order from Halifax credit card debt from 11 years ago, plus CCJ, I now think it’s all sum mountable....
  10. Was re-mortgaged to GMAC’s LIBOR rate 25 years ago, what can I do if anything? I was recently approached by a company who said there was a good chance we’d overpaid interest on our mortgage, 10 months later I rang them to find out wtf, sorry no probs with your mortgage, after sending them our passports and ID, the people originally dealing with us have no finished working there,gone, now called Foundation Home Loans, Paratus, formally GMAC.
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