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  1. Hi Renegadelmp, I checked, he worked for Trading Standards A many years and specialises in areas that suit this case perfectly. Also I have much evidence in streams of emails disputing the T & C's and that I had not agreed to 4 months PT only 3. I know what you are saying about "that I signed them" but they didnt allow me to cancel when I first asked, asking gor GP letter every month and more. They put me through the mill !
  2. Also to add to this journey, in one email I felt my circumstances were extenuating, that I did not know when I cold come back and I felt they were extenuating, and he argued they were not. There is so much text between us I think any court would laugh, they will see I got injured in THEIR GYM, could no longer exercise, have spent lots on treatment and yet they still want more from me ! How they seriously can do this is beyond me. They are a very small private gym too!
  3. Hi thank you I won't hear by email as I have blocked them from every account I have, even thogh they have only ever used my personal emall. They could find my business email easily enough but its blocked them. The lawaer may cost depends what I need if it comes to this but I am happy to pay to prove a point and to tell the world that its not fair and dont be bullied. As I said before if I had cost their business money by not giving 30 days notice I would of course have paid but it did not. I actually did ask in an email back in August if I could cancel or freeze it when
  4. Hi, I sent email to all of them at the gym I have blocked their email I have been advised by a lawyer that if they want to go court they will write to me and then I send that to him and off we go It is only the gym atm seeking the money, no collection agency involved , not yet anyway unless a letter comes from one ! They have never called me, its always been email. Thank you for listening everyone
  5. Cheers renegadeimp , yep that would have been stage 2 requesting an SAR, then I was going to claim my money back but if they give up this nonsense now I will just leave it but if they poke the bear !!! well ! lets hope they dont
  6. I have blocked their email and sent this to them Dear Having taken advice, I believe that there is no debt. Therefore, I do not expect to hear from yourselves again I have a timeline and all evidence should they write to me to go to small claims. The advice given this morning was... I can refuse mediation (one of you lovely people said the same) It should be me asking for mediation not the other way round Keep a timeline of all of this, I already have and have been since it began Keep a note of the Trading Standards reference, I have of course on my timeline if the
  7. Hi many thanks for your input here. The gym is not a big one it has 2 PT's and a few who rent the space. There is a lovely guy, he really is a nice fella which makes it harder, who is the investor. I don't know why I cannot get him to see that by me not giving 30 days notice has cost the business any money whatsoever. All my classes were cancelled by me. I "verbally" said at the time, "ok I will do just 3" I feel this is a con and I don't get why they cannot see its a con. You sign up to 3 months so for them to want 4 payments is unfair. I did not want to do 4 months of PT just 3 and the
  8. Hi yes thank you. They wanted me to do the one 2 ones with a PT so £30 was cancelled and they went to £216 a month , big jump reluctant at first, agreed if only 3 months, then go back to classes at 30 a month. They would review me in month 2, they never did they forgot to do my assessment they do 3, 6 and 12 month PT session memberships, I chose 3 month one not 4 I did not agree to pay 4 lots of £216 this is where I am in dispute, the T & C's are very misleading, not clear here they are again. Membership
You can cancel your membership by giving 30 days written notice
  9. Morning, this is not a puregym or any of them its a private gym, possibly a franchise. You get an email with the T & Cs this is what it says... Membership
You can cancel your membership by giving 30 days written notice upon completion of your initial membership length. If within the 30 day period your membership is due for payment, a full payment has to be made. Memberships are not pro rated. To cancel a membership before its initial commitment there will be a settlement payment. This settlement payment will cover the rest of the initial commitment payments plus can
  10. Signed up for 1 to 1 PT Sessions for 3 months paid each month, 3 months gone, its finished all paid up.... nope ! they wanted another month because their T & Cs are you have to commit to an initial 3 months before you can cancel by giving 30 days notice, well then this is 4 months not 3, not logic and does not make sense Now threatening court for a sum of £216? I felt I had been sold a pup, told them at the time I could only afford 3 and since August we are back and forwards with emails. I paid for 3 months why do I have to pay a 4th month? Madness
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