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  1. VCS v Miss A Initial Date of Issue from County Court Business Centre: 05/04/2019 Claim Ref No: XXXXXXXX Wakefield County Court District Judge James
  2. Sure EB VCS v Miss A (did you want my surname?) Initial Date of Issue from County Court Business Centre: 05/04/2019 Claim Ref No: XXXXXXX Wakefield County Court I have the name of the Judge who struck out the case too if you would like that also?
  3. Good news to get on a Friday, nice way to start the weekend. Thanks for all of your help, support & advice!
  4. Hi DX, I copied it word for word - they must have been so keen to type my letter up and put and end to it that they didn’t bother to give it a second glance!
  5. Thank you I worked hard on the witness statement as well - but I am glad I don’t have to go the anymore rigmarole!
  6. Hello everyone! Just received a letter this morning from my county court : It is ordered that: 1. The particulars of claim are insufficient to establish a case of action against the defendant and are therefore struck out pursuant to part 3.4CPR.
  7. Hi ericsbrother - thank you I actually received a letter from Northampton BC today and they said the same thing as the information I found on the MCOL website. Waiting to hear from my local court now. Watch this space...
  8. Ok thanks Ericsbrother - i’ll keep waiting. When I filled my form in I gave them my availability but hopefully my schedule doesn’t change. I am sure this is yet another one of their tactics to wear me down in hopes that I pay up!
  9. Hi Ericsbrother, Ok I will continue to wait - i have had my N180 form and returned it to Northampton & VCS on 7th May (due date was 20th May). My WS is pretty much sorted - I just need to tidy up all the exhibits etc. I won't print any copies off anything off just yet! I'll be using a heck of a lot of ink & paper so don't want to cut down any trees until I know for certain I have to.
  10. Hi Ericsbrother, I spoke to someone at my local court and she said they haven't yet received the file but she would have sent me a copy of their paperwork if she had. She also said that "she hoped it would be listed within the next 6 months" so i am still in the dark with regards to their backlog! I was kind of hoping that the claimant hadn't compliaed with returning their N180 by the 20th May and also sending me a copy and it would default to me winning & the case being dropped? Wishful thinking?
  11. Further to my last post, i just checked the MCOL website and it is showing that the claimant filed their DQ on 31/05/19 and the claim is being transferred to my local court. I still haven't received a copy of their N180? When I receive some correspondence from the court, i will let you know. Thank you
  12. Hi All, Just giving you a quick update - still not received a court date or a copy of the claimant's N180. The letter that came along with the N180 form said it had to be returned by 20th May... but still nothing from VCS. I returned my forms on 7th May, but the MCOL website says I filed a DQ on 26th May. Perhaps VCS have not bothered returning the forms?
  13. Hi brassnecked, the car appeared shortly after I broke down. Took some images from a distance which were used in the NtK. Drove towards me, turned around and stopped to eat his lunch.
  14. Unfortunately, he was parked at this point - in the same road that states private no stopping (not no scoffing).
  15. Ok thanks both for reiterating about their signage being inadequate and false - I will pop the points you’ve highlighted into my WS. the CCTV vehicle is a little van with a camera on the top, he was a twonk eating his sandwiches
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