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  1. Why are you so nervous about nuclear energy? As i remember France get about 70-80% of electricity from nuclear power plants. I rather believe in nuclear war nowdays.
  2. Hey guys, i'm new noob to this site . Mainly here to seek advice, but will chip in my tupennies worth as and when. Hope you're all enjoying the frosty mornings!
  3. I have done some research i found that the FxFWay is not authorized by the National Futures Association in US and also was blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority in UK (FCA). FxFWay i registed in Vanuatu and doens't provide any regulation garanties. It is another [problem] forex broker. If you check their website, you will see that they provide info about its regulation – in 2017 the firm was granted authorisation by the US NFA and received its Vanuatu license. It's fake.
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