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  1. Almost forgot about this, Royal Mail lost my tracked letters...but interestingly Robinson Way haven't been in touch since either hmm....
  2. My letters haven't 'delivered' yet....typical Royal 'pain in the a$$' Mail. But today I received the attached letter... so this DCA is checking my credit file? legit? naughty? I duno... Doc1.pdf
  3. Any updates on this? Interested with something similar myself
  4. OK - CCA & SB letters sent.... lets see what all this fuss is about!!
  5. Rang them and they wont speak to me without providing my DOB 'for Data Protection', what a load of tosh! So I'll send the CCA, could I not throw in a mention to the Stature Barred element too? (IF they're legit accouts) to save time? or is there a correct procedure to all this.. Many Thanks Mr Subaru
  6. To whom should I address it to though? if not Robinson Way or HFUKH2 LTD? Their 'due to/references' etc don't state a name....i 'could' send to Clydesdale/Yorkshire, but it may not be those? Apologies for the questions...
  7. Will do Andy, what if they knock again and I'm not home... the wife is 5'2'' and whilst she can put me in my place, she's very soft natured.... That could potentially account for my one overdraft I had with them, they may have already been paid whilst I was at Uni, I really don't remember since it's been over 10 years since I had any dealings with debt/collections departments- certainly didn't have 3 accounts with them though.
  8. Hi Andyorch, Clydesdale, I finished a 3 year loan last month with them, all paid, ontime with no late payments and have my clearance letter from them and my credit file is good for them too.... the web thickens, however, i USED to be with Yorkshire around the time of my sillyness when younger.. hmmm
  9. Three accounts, different sums ranging from £400i-800ish I can see why some will just pay to be done, I've had loads of mail, 4 days one week, the random phonecall and now a knock at the door - each account number is different, each sum is different but all three have from from Robinson Way, then a 'notice of assignment' from Hoist Finance UK Holdings 2 Limited.. 'Due to' references on different letters state 1: NFUKH2L (EX NATIONAL AUSTRALIA GROUP) 2: HPH LTD (EX NABG) 3: AS #2 Just not sure where to go with it, obviously by mail and recorded delivery... but what? curren
  10. I have had a visit, about 30 minutes prior to setting this account up... caught completely off guard, being circa 19:20, eating my tea, feeding the youngest and expecting a friend to be stood at the door haha I would never pay anything, or give my details at the doorstep anyway... let alone something that's not on my credit file or with any company i've had any dealings with.... just startled me with someone at the door for all this - my wife is a soft touch and wouldn't want her dealing with these. So it seems I should be looking for a CCA to be sending, do I do one for ea
  11. Evening DX100uk, Mmmm duck, could just destroy some Crispy Duck right now!! That’s another thing I forgot to mention, I’ve never been to Australia, when I said I’ve moved round the country, it’s only the UK I’ve moved within... I thought it was just sca@mers fishing but to send three out of the blue, get a phone call AND a visit, I’m wondering if it’s any of my old haunts(debts)… but now having read - these should be statute barred as it’s WELL over 6 years, had my mortgage 8 years and nothing was flagged with that or any loans/cards since, always got g
  12. Evening all, Since around May this year I've received a shocking amount of post related to alleged debts against my name, I binned most thinking the sc@mmers would get bored... tonight I've just had somebody knock at my door saying he was from Robinson Way debt collectors, I played dumb and said we were not who he was looking for (with a mouth full of tea and my youngest on hip). He said he'd have my addressed removed from the system, I know he wont, I also received a call from them a number of weeks back... where they got my number I'll never know. Now...
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