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  1. Thanks Guys, getting in touch with my local MP is a great idea and not one I would of thought of myself. As it stands at the moments, there is no way I will consider switching to UC I would rather just loose the Tax Credits, but what a choice because of somebodies awful instructions, lose my tax credits or lose my severe disablement allowance. This is having such an awful effect on my health.
  2. In July my wife left me at the time I was receiving ESA (support group), Severe Disability premium, DLA, tax credits & LHA. I informed DWP of the change in my circumstances and was advised that I didn't need to contact any of the government agencies as my change in circumstances information would be passed automatically. This was a godsend at the time as I suffer from numerous physical and mental issues. Today I have heard from HMRC saying that I may receive a fine of £300 for not informing them of my change of circumstances. I was also informed that in September my area became full UC so I will be forced onto Universal Credit without any migration protection, is this true? is there anything I can do?
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