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  1. Sorry DX for my ignorance what is MCOL ? No I have until Wednesday to respond to ML to sort before they issues the CCJ as I said in my last post. I've added the letter form which was said to be bogus... It's not got an official stamp or crest that's why I didn't think it was from a court. My bad I guess...
  2. Thanks so much for the replies. They haven't issued a ccj as far as I'm aware, just threatening to do so within 14 days of the last letter - I will pay to check on the link you aded though thanks Andy (my clear score shows nothing about the outstanding debt or ccj is that the same thing?). Yes I did receive a claim form before from 'the county court' Northants - I watched a YouTube video who said the court didn't exist and was bogus so didn't respond - the video is called 'northampton not a county court business centre' .. I've spoken to an advice place today that has told me to contact UW to get bills, charges etc so I can dispute what I don't owe. As far as the ML letter states, I've got til Wednesday to stay within the 14 days before ML issue the ccj. Andy the debt is from an address from 4 years ago not my current one, and I've rented 3 different places since then hence the possiblity of not getting hold of me. I don't want a ccj, don't think anyone does!!! I've tried so hard to get on track and as I'm self employed really don't want one, again thanks for all your help much appreciated and will keep you posted.
  3. 17th September... I didn't see the letter until recently as it got put in with junk mail by my young son. Should I fill it in and email them? Also do I need to give them all of my personal financial stuff or is that a breach of my privacy (or whatever you call it!?) Thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for replying. I'm in between clients today so don't really have time to find how to do a PDF file sorry, can you not see them? I'm worried as I have very limited time now. No I'm not sure what happened with Freds, and since ML are dealing with this now...ince I had disputes with the bill as I mentioned before due to them messing me about, and I can't find the paperwork (lots of my personal papers went missing due to an issue I don't want to discuss). So have nothing to refer too but yes there was an amount outstanding that they were going to sort with me, then heard nothing apart from now ML on my back...
  5. By the way will it still get found? As when I clicked the link it showed the oldest posts first? Thanks
  6. These are some of the paperwork sent, I'll add the other on another post as it won't let me do more than 5... Forms wanting all my personal information!!!?
  7. Hi, Thanks for replying so quickly! Not sure what a PaP pack is? They did send a form with Annex 1 on it asking if I owed the debt, and wanting all my personal information - like outgoings, other debts etc. Are they not the debt collection agency? Ive just found a letter from Fredrickson international from 2015 with the original debt of £410 which was more that expected and they're also added on court fees etc so totalled £495.21. yes to my current address, hence why I'm worried. Thanks so much for helping
  8. Hello, First post so hope this is correct, I couldn't find a way to post on debt link sorry! I keep getting calls and now letters from Moriarty Law about a debt I owed and forgot about (which is now £528.02 - hundreds more than i remember!!) from a previous address about 4.5 years ago (I've moved a lot since that one). I have made no contact with them but they're now threatening me with a CCJ - which I've never had - within 14 days of this letter arriving. They're offering a payment arrangement with them to stop proceedings if I can't pay it in full (I can't, and won't start anything yet as don't owe that amount!!) I remember trying to dispute the original amount at the time with utility warehouse as they wouldn't let me leave them due to various reasons so I gave up trying to. Which meant I was also on a higher tariff, and there was also a small amount carried over when I moved in that wasn't mine. I didn't want to be with them as I heard they were bad, but they were already at the address when I moved in and as I was only there for a year I didn't think it was worth the hassle (silly mistake but I'm not good at these things!). When I tried to switch back to British Gas who I'd I been with for years, BG said that UW hadn't done a simple task to allow them to access the property so couldn't supply me - so I felt bullied into staying with UW, as they played dumb and made out they couldn't switch the property or something!! Has anyone else had this? So now this current letter from ML - I was going to return a copy of it to ML with a response saying if the believe the valid debt exists and I live at said address to prove debt in writing and FCA rules cannot continue any collection activity till done so. Is this right or should I do something else? I think I've added a copy of the letter I've received to this post. Please help as I'm a single parent trying so hard to keep my now great credit score up, and although I know I owe something a lot of my original paperwork inc. readings has gone missing so can't back anything up my end. I'm happy to pay something but not happy to pay extra charges and money I don't owe to a company that I don't owe the money too!!! (I also didn't have any warning letters from UW, just straight into debt agencies ages later hence me realising I'd overlooked it). Hope this makes sense, I wanted to attach letter but didn't know how:|
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