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  1. i have £4.72 in my bank account for the next 26 days now so yes seriously i have no money until payday. and yes it was a formal appeal... the reply to which looked like it had been written by a 5 year old with spelling and grammatical errors left, right and centre. my friends reply also looked like it was written by a 5 year old, only this one was a different 5 year old... both letters contradicted eachother. i mentioned that i had crossed no double yellow lines to park where i did. they claimed there were double yellows in my reply however my friends letter said ther
  2. pcn was for parking my motorbike in a bike parking area... was told there were double yellow lines when i have photographs that prove otherwise... i told them this and received a letter saying that my proof was not good enough for them to take back the penalty and that i needn't reply to anything and wait for another letter telling me my next steps... the next letter i received was them telling me that it had been passed on to marston due to me ignoring a letter they had sent.. i was hoping they would take me to court where i could present my evidence including their reply saying
  3. so they messed up and didnt take what they were meant to and now i have to go out of my way to magically conjure up some money to pay them before they charge me more because of their mistake? sorry but you're saying theres no other option I have other than to accrue more debt to pay of these debt collectors that suck at collecting debt, even though i have not done anything wrong? even after i was spoken to like im some kinda .... (insert your favourite word here) on the phone that got salty because i told him its his company that failed to set it up right and threatened me with sending
  4. im not trying to get out of paying, i cannot make any payment for another 27 days. what are my rights regarding the guy threatening me with an enforcement officer and extra charge without even asking me if i can pay nor asking about my ability to pay. after accusing me of wrongdoing, getting snotty when i pointed out that it wasnt my fault then threatening me with officers and extra charges before terminating the call... surely this cannot be allowed
  5. when i called them about the original payments, it was the call centre i spoke to who set up the payments. todays call was from a mobile number. so far i have paid a total of £131.60 and original debt was £188. meaning i owe another £54.40. i was not asked today to make any payment, i was first accused of setting up the payments wrong, then when i pointed out that they had infact set them up wrong, i was threatened with an inforcement officer and an extra charge before the call was swiftly ended by the guy who phoned me. i am unable to make any payments for another 27 days due to when i
  6. well, they say i am about £53 short on my payments. they took 1 for about £55, one for £68 and the last one was for £9 (which i assume is the wrong amount due to that being the last one I owed) there was never a 4th date or payment agreed on or even mentioned, just the 3 payments to cover the amount owed for the pcn plus marstons £75 charge on top.
  7. they took payment, just not the right amount on the last of the 3 payments. what happens if they send out an agent and try to charge me considering that was what i was told may happen when i pointed this out to be their mistake before i was even asked if i could make the payment... well, i actually wasnt asked if i could make the payment at all during the whole phonecall, just threatened with enforcement agents and extra charges
  8. i dont believe that's what they are doing... when i called to arange the payments, they did the "take £1 to check " thing twice for 2 different payment amounts they set up. either way, it was not a standing order and it was what they set up in house and i confirmed after that when the payments were taken all was done and dusted, which they confirmed. so back to my original question, what are my rights considering they messed up the amount of money they should have taken which was no fault of mine as i had no hand in it. yet they say that its my fault...
  9. it was for a parking ticket. and the amount was around £190... i had a letter from them and called their payments line to sort out direct debits. marston took my card details including the 3 digits on the back and directly debited from my acct. they set up the dates it would be taken... they successfully took 3 payment without me having to contact my bank (even though 1 was for an incorrect amount) i believe you may be mistaken or they have updated the way they take payments since you last checked in.
  10. i had to pay marston money, called them and aranged the payment to be taken in 3 instalments… i thought all was done and dusted i just received a call that i hadnt paid the full amount, and that i must have messed up aranging it with my bank. although i didnt contact my bank at all, i only aranged it through marston themselves and even confirmed at the end of the original call that everything was sorted. the guy i spoke to (called me on a mobile number) said i hadnt paid in full however i had aranged the direct debits with marston who failed to take the full amount in th
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