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  1. I'm aware that this reply won't be relevant to you any longer but I did want to reply as there is so much misinformation about the topic of what to do if you bought a car with outstanding finance. Unfortunately, those that bought a car on outstanding finance can be financially suffering for years to come, and without access to the right information people can be left in serious debt. If the purchaser of the car with outstanding finance has purchased the vehicle in good faith, they can get in touch with an expert solicitor who can help them make a claim against the finance company.
  2. Their client services are quite excellent in branch, so why not make an appointment and speak to an advisor. They really take their time and help you find the best solution for you
  3. I have heard before about them misinforming customers of the specifics of the products, did they apologise for this?
  4. Id say that if a machine like this breaks within the first few years due to normal 'wear and tear' you can make a claim.
  5. How was the screen damaged though? Was it a result of normal use, or did it fall etc. ?
  6. Generally, putting it in writing is much more likely to get some success. In some cases social media can be your friend too. These kind of companies don't like public customer service complaints so they handle these inquiries faster than they would otherwise.
  7. Just noticed marketing emails coming back in from house of fraser. After everything that has been happening, i'm not sure if I should order again. Anyone recently purchase anything from HOF, and did you have problems?
  8. How did this work out? Someone I know received a similar letter and she isn't sure what to do either.
  9. Hi everyone, What is actually the healthiest way to quit smoking? There is alot of talk about vaping being bad, and a lot of the nicotine products can have some serious side effects too. I have also read some opinions that going cold turkey isn't the best way to doing it.. Of course smoking is the worst of all but still..
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