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  1. Apologies, I meant to say angry at paying an imaginary invoice! I have now responded and await to hear from them if I will.
  2. I'm cut from the old cloth as my dad always says. Id be 60-100 notes deep and angry for paying a fine that I know I shouldn't have incurred but due to the help from this forum and its members I'm confident its not going to cost me anything. Fair is fair
  3. If all goes well, the advice given here has saved me at least £60 so only right I can make a contribution. More so, I'm bound to find myself in a predicament again in the future and need further help If you could post the link when you find that'd be great.
  4. Brilliant, thanks for your help. Separate note; Does the website have a donations page or is there some way I can contribute to say thank you for the help from everyone here so far?
  5. thanks Erisbrother, ill pop that off in the post today Whats the typical step(s) they take after receiving such a letter? or is that another 'how longs a piece of string' scenario
  6. Hi all, Apologies for double posting, was wondering if the above was ok to send and covered all relevant parts needed? Thanks in advance, RJ
  7. Iv drafted this, could you confirm its adequate please. 'To whom it may concern, No contract was entered into for several reasons and in any case your clients haven't complied withe their ATA code of practice nor have they offered any contract to break so they/you will lose this non existent claim and incur costs under CPR 27.14.2(g) . Furthermore, I expect only a letter responding confirming that this matter is resolved, anything other than that will result in a counter claim for expenses of my time and the cost of any further legal advice I may seek.' Anything else that could be added would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm struggling with finding anything, is there anywhere I can search somewhere with keywords?
  9. would anyone be willing to draft one for me on my behalf, of course willing to pay for their time?
  10. Hi Guys, So I received this letter of claim and was hoping for some feedback on my next steps. Thanks in advance. ps - new look website is great! Letter_of_claim.pdf
  11. As always, thanks for your help guys/gals appreciate it. Will be in touch should I receive anything junk from them!
  12. Understood, is that the next step from here or do they send several letters like the one above first?
  13. Hi all, I received the attached letter recently, any advice on my next steps would be greatly appreciated. Parking Ticket (1).pdf
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