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  1. It has been another tough day today. At one point he even threw an apple onto our conservatory roof which banged really loud as we had lunch. We had good CCTV showing it came from his garden. I am not sure I want to say specifically which police force it concerns in this forum, but it is on the west of the country. The community officers have tried to help. They are less susceptible to their lies, possibly because they have had their own dealings with him before we ever went to the police in 2015. One police person alleged he would make pig-oinking noises at her. If w
  2. That is correct. To explain further. There were about 50 attacks in Spring/Summer 2017. The first were ignored by the police because the CCTV did not show who did it. They just showed the attacks came from his garden. Then he got cocky and attacked the CCTV camera so hard it broke the bracket and the camera swung around and showed it was him. That was the court case for which he was found guilty, but only got a conditional discharge and a large fine he had to mainly pay to the CPS. The court saw the main attack on the CCTV. However, the police or CPS withheld the CCTV footage of the
  3. Thanks for explaining, but I feel more of a victim than I did on the day before the trial. My business is in tatters, due to the year of sleep deprivation. He still has not stopped. Almost every day since the trial he has harassed in some way. That is six months now. They have been engineering incidents all the time. We are in a constant state of stress. My mother has had several close calls. Today has been a bad day. Today feels like he has tried one of his recent con-tricks, gone to someone, been told to go away, and we get the retribution. He has been angry about somethin
  4. I do not understand how they can afford a private lawyer for a year and rent their above average property on full benefits and being a full-time carer.
  5. The charge was 2 counts of criminal damage. He was found guilty of both, but only got a conditional discharge. The judge imposed a fine, which he reduced to half when he saw their alleged income. (He claimed to be on full benefits and she claimed to be a full-time carer.) He owed us half the damage cost, but he also owed a considerable amount to the CPS because he had delayed the case for a year and constantly argued technicalities. They were engaged in setting up situations through the year which they were trying to get included into the trial. For example, we put our bins out Monday eve
  6. The judge allowed the defence witness to destroy our character with things we could prove were lies and we given no right of reply. For example, she falsely claimed the police had banned us from walking by their property on the pavement. The reality was he received a harassment information notice which he ignored and then bullied us out of walking by. We have not walked into the village now since 2015 because of his bullying. She completely reversed reality. These lies may have made his sentence lighter. Do we have a right of complaint? Can we write to the Home Office or somewhere?
  7. Can I, or should I be sending a copy of this to the Home Office, possibly as a complaint? Can I, or should I be making a complaint to the Department of Works and Pensions? I was one of the victims of criminal damage. It was part of a seven-year campaign of harassment. It went to court, he was found guilty, but only received a conditional discharge. A one-sided and provably untrue version of events was presented to the court by the defence and we had no right of reply. The judge said the defence lawyer should have asked us about the things she was asking the defence witness, but then let h
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